Graduation Nears For the Visakha Valley Bible College, India...

Greetings to you in Christ’s name. Hope this message finds you all good. Thank you very much for the money that was donated for buying bicycles and other gospel tools for the graduates. We are going to have brother Jerry Bates with us for this occasion to distribute the diplomas on behalf of the Bear Valley Bible Institute.

As you are aware, on the 10th of April we are celebrating the graduation exercise of our 3rd batch two-year undergraduate students for the successful completion of their course. We are so excited about this. Students are getting ready to take their final examinations early next week. They have to write a comprehensive exam before they receive their diploma.

We are so thankful to God first, and then to you for your encouragement. Thank you very much for looking into all the matters to run this successfully. We are excited about the 13 Graduates who shall be receiving their diplomas. We are getting things ready for that auspicious day.

I am here updating you with recent developments that have taken place at our school premises. We are thankful to brother Bob Turner who recommended our school for a one time gift. With that we were able to acquire some tools for the school, one of them is a projector and screen. This is an advanced piece which can be accessed through laptop wireless accessibility. We have started using this already in the class room by displaying a couple of my lessons which I did at World Video Bible School in Texas.

Thank you, brother Jerry Bates, for bringing the set of maps for the school. These are a simply beautiful and wonderful instrument to teach the classes. We are hoping to receive the other books very soon.

Other latest developments are, repair work, painting of the school facility, and building a new baptistry. We are thankful to the brethren at Lake Houston who are supporting our school, also who helped us so much during the severe hurricane 6 months ago. 

Thank you very much for all your encouragement. Kindly pray that this occasion would be held successfully.

Please give our greetings to all the brethren who care for the Lord’s work across the world. May God continue to bless you all.

In Christ

John Dean M

Posted on April 5, 2015 .