We Be The Voice Of Nigeria...

Beloved in Christ,

Greetings and appreciation to you for your prayers for us in Nigeria. Thanks to God for granting us a peaceful election on Saturday and Sunday (March 28 & 29). We hope the result will be favorable to the suffering masses of Nigeria or to rightly put it, “We be the voice of Nigeria!”

Yesterday at the Onikokoro / Gbongudu congregation, Ibadan, brother Destiny Elijah, one of the SWSE year-1 students, taught on “Love One Another,” while brother Emmanuel Makinde, a year-2 student of SWSE, Ibadan interpreted for him and I admonished the church from Luke chapter 1: “How to be a vessel unto honor.”

At the secondary class, one of our year-1 students. named brother Moses Bamidele, taught on “Remember the Lord Now that You are Young” (Eccl.12) and brother Emmanuel Makinde taught on “How to Develop a Sermon” at the youth development class after the morning worship.

At the campus church, our campus minister and one of the SWSE Ibadan instructors, brother Abraham Idu Yeje, taught on “God's Plan to Redeem Mankind,” while one of our year-1 students, named Benjamin Okon, admonished the church from Gen.3:1-9 and brother Kayode Solomon Eniafe taught on “The Kingdom of Christ on Earth” at the Egbeda congregation, Ibadan.

Sunday morning, brother Adeniji Joseph of the Asejire congregation in Osun state and brother Matthew Adeyemi of the Igbesa congregation in Ogun state phoned me to inform me of a convert each in their area. To God be the glory!

At the Southwest School of Evangelism, Ibadan main campus, brother Isaac Olaniyan taught early Monday morning during our morning devotion on “The Divine Call,” brother Augustine Odoh spoke on “Walking in the Light” at the Tuesday morning devotion. Brother Ilori Gbenga spoke on “Bearing Fruit for Christ” at the Wednesday morning devotion, while I spoke on “Growing in the Grace” at the chapel period at the Thursday morning devotion. Brother Nwaorji Emmanuel spoke on “Arise and Shine” and brother Tsado Jonathan spoke on “How do we Quench the Spirit?” at the Friday morning devotion, and brother Abraham Idu Yeje spoke on the “Wrong Reasons for Following Christ” on Saturday morning before the staff and students embarked on the last weekend evangelism of this semester.

Brethren, we appreciate your love and partnership and we are praying for you all. May the Lord continue to bless all our joint effort in Christ name, Amen.

I remain yours in His grace as a servant,

Makinde Ebenezer Olufemi (Director of Studies)
Southwest School of Evangelism (SWSE), Ibadan & Lagos campus, Nigeria, West Africa

Posted on April 5, 2015 .