One Special Lectureship And Graduation...

Each year, ITL in Guatemala hosts their annual lectureship, and every other year, ITL’s graduation is coupled with this great event. This year they hosted the 6th Annual ITL Lectureship and ITL’s third graduation. The opportunity to participate in this event is always encouraging and exciting. Byron Benitez and Hawatthia Jones established the Theological Institute of Latin America (ITL) six years ago. Prior to its beginning, they developed a Saturday program that continues to operate concurrently. The Saturday program is a three-year plan of study that would be considered part-time. However, it requires a level of dedication on the part of students that is an example worth emulating for all Christians.

ITL’s two-year program of study is a full-time residential program that is open to students throughout Central and South America. The intensity of study for these students is equated to a four-year university level of training compressed into two years. The students work hard to complete the scheduled course work and participate in several evangelistic campaigns during this time. The history of the school indicates that 100% of the graduates from ITL are faithfully involved in strengthening the Lord’s church. 

Four students completed their studies and graduated from the full-time program and 4 students completed their course work to graduate from the Saturday program. The graduation celebration began with the Presidential banquet Thursday evening, followed by an all day lectureship on Saturday, continuing through worship on Sunday morning, and then the actual graduation ceremony in the afternoon where graduates were honored. The exciting nature of this event was further marked by the announcement of the next class of students that will begin class in April.  

This special occasion was capped off with three baptisms and one restoration between Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon. Words cannot fully describe the enthusiasm and encouragement of the weekend. The time is always packed with 14 hour days filled with activities, and one is nearly exhausted at the end, but the elated feeling of God’s providential working makes this time worth every minute. Please pray for these graduates as they enter the field, the staff of ITL as they continue training, and all who are involved in preparing workers for the kingdom. We also ask you to pray for Anibal Ramirez, one of the instructors at ITL. Anibal was recently diagnosed with Hepatitis A and C. He is on complete bed rest and taking medication. Remember him and his family as you pray each day.

Coupled with the graduation in Guatemala, students returned this week to Denver after their campaigns in Grand Cayman, Georgia, Tennessee, Missouri, and Oklahoma. We look forward to sharing reports of their work next week. As the reports indicate below, God continues to bless the work in other locations around the world where we are partnering with the greatest people on earth to grow the kingdom of our God.

Now on to this week’s incredible reports...

Coordinator Updates
Reports from the coordinators are now located on the website, under Staff Reports. The address is

Extension Reports 

Cameroon Campaign Produces Fruit Of A Special Campaign: As students return from campaign, the results indicate the special nature of the work as souls are brought to the Lord.

Two-Day Workshop For Preachers In Northern Regions Of Ghana: The report from the Tamale Institute of Biblical Studies provides information about a recent workshop for preachers.

One Baptism And Fifteen Prospects From Togo: The students see fruit from the work in Togo and the results provide a number of contacts for future study and potential growth.

Two Weeks Of Preaching And Teaching In Nigeria: The staff and students of the Southwest School of Evangelism demonstrate the power of the gospel over the last two weeks.

Teaching At Church, School, Businesses, And Homes: The work continues to grow as students from ACSOP in Tanzania continue to spread the gospel of Jesus in every area.

An Interesting Question Creates An Interesting Thought: One never knows what questions might be asked during a Bible class and this week’s report from Arusha shows why.

Final Thoughts 
We continue to seek your prayers in the development of the Bear Valley Bible Institute. We can never thank you enough for your confidence and support of this program. God continues to demonstrate His power by the fellowship we share across the globe, adding to the church over and over as a result. Thank you.

God bless

Posted on March 23, 2015 .