Student Outreach Program Is A Success...

“Go therefore and make disciple of all nations…”Mathew 28:19 (NASB).

It has been a very busy month for the Lord. Our students at ACSOP have been engaging in the outreach program that was initiated by brother Cy Stafford a few weeks ago. About thirteen congregations in the area have been blessed with this good program. As farmers, we plow the field, plant the seed, and water the sprouts, etc. and only God grows the plants. Through this program our students have been able to visit, invite, help those who are in need, advertise, and we leave it all up to God who will put the increase in the church. Our attitude always is to encourage one another to be humble servants that God will “count us worthy” as we serve Him. “I planted, Apollo watered, but God gave the increase …..” 1 Corinthians 3:6.

In the past few weeks, through this outreach program five church members have been restored to the church. We have had three baptisms, 54 students have been enrolled in Bible correspondence courses, and 34 good Bible classes are going on. One very interesting story is that among those who have been baptized, one came from a Pentecostal church where he was a pastor. After a long and deep study with our students he was baptized in the middle of the night. Please let us continue praying for brother Peter Alley and others who have been baptized.

I would like to give thanks for your prayers and financial support to this wonderful work with the school. 

In Him,

Godfrey Mngoma
Dean of Students - Andrew Connally School of Preaching
A Bear Valley Bible Institute International extension school
Arusha, Tanzania

Posted on March 29, 2015 .