An Interesting Questions Creates An Interesting Thought...

It is my prayer and hope that this report will find you well and active in the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ. As we all struggle to be Christ-like in this world, which was never promised that all things would be easy and smooth, then we all need to trust God in all things that we plan and do. For with Him all things are possible. And for sure we have seen Him doing greater things in His kingdom here and throughout this world we live. 

Last Sunday, on the rotational Spiritual Discipline studies here in Arusha, things went very well. I was in Ilkiurei, which is a new congregation that is now about three years old. We had a very wonderful worship there; I taught about “Journaling for the Purpose of Godliness” in the Bible class, and completed the rest of it in the worship service. 

After the Bible class I was asked an interesting question, “For those Christians who do not know how to write and read then how does this study of journaling for the purpose of godliness apply to them?”  It was really a tough question for me to answer because I didn’t ever expect to be asked such a question as I was preparing to teach and preach that topic. But I thought for a minute and said, “God will take care of them,” and I saw everybody in the church building laughing.

On the other hand, things here in ACSOP are going well as usual. Our first quarter of studies is getting to the end this week. I checked up with all the teachers, and it seems that we all completed our duties of teaching the studies that we were assigned to teach. Hereafter, there will be two short courses for the second year students and one for the first year, before we get into a second quarter. These short courses will start on Monday, March 20, and go through April 3, 2015. The second quarter will be April 6 - May 15, 2015.

Finally, we really do appreciate God for your great support for this great work which is being done here in East Africa through your financial support. We will always remember you in our prayers that these greater things you are doing for us will not be in vain, but our loving God may pay you back as per His will.   

Your friend and brother in Christ Jesus,

Losotwa Michael
Dean of Academics, 
Andrew Connally School of Preaching 
A Bear Valley Bible Institute International extension school
Arusha, TZ

Posted on March 23, 2015 .