Teaching At Church, School, Businesses, And Homes...

Arusha Youth Seminars
This month I've been teaching the youth from the Arusha Church of Christ every Saturday afternoon. They wanted to be taught about the church so we've been focusing on some things that make the churches of Christ unique. They plan to study about various denominations in the coming months, and wanted to start with a good grounding in what the New Testament church is. We've borrowed a lot of thoughts from Dan Chambers' excellent book, "Churches in the Shape of Scripture." Check it out if you haven't read it yet, and you'll be blessed by it.  

1st Quarter Comes to an End
At the Andrew Connally School of Preaching our first quarter has come to an end. One or two new students realized that they couldn't handle the workload in English, so they will try again to be a part of next year's Swahili class. We fully expect the remaining students to be very successful, and have a great tenure with us. The students will spend the next two weeks in short courses and campaign work, then the next regular quarter will resume. 

Njiro Evangelism  
Things are continuing to go well at the Njiro Chini congregation. In the pictures below you can see images from some of our recent door to door evangelism. We stop at homes and businesses alike in search of those who want to discuss the scriptures. The lady in the shop below asked us question after question in between serving customers. The housegirl in the bottom-right picture generously spent most of her lunch break with us. The top-right picture shows my cohorts walking in search of souls willing to be taught about Christ and His church. As you can see, all in all things are going well and we are busy about the Lord's work,  Mungu ni mwema! (God is good!)

Daniel Gaines

To see Daniel’s report with pictures, please click here.

Posted on March 23, 2015 .