Southern Institute Of Biblical Studies Begins...

A new school recently began classes in the Nsawam / Doboro area of Ghana, West Africa. These new students are studying to prepare themselves for ministry. This week’s report features several pictures from the grand opening celebration of the Southern Institute of Biblical Studies. We will continue to learn more about the development of this first class of students and share news with you about their growth.

The photos highlight the opening that took place on February 15th. These photos show the building, the new students, some of the instructors, the office, and the classroom. There are also pictures of the office furniture, classroom desks and chairs, pulpit, whiteboard, ceiling fans, and other improvements. With your help, we were able to get this new program started. 

Since we are at the first of the month, there are more reports to read through, so we will keep this section brief. We encourage you to read through each report because the news is exciting. A few prayer requests are mentioned significant to the work in several places. Please pray for these areas and the challenges facing the staff and students in these locations.

Now on to the other reports...

Coordinator Updates
Reports from the coordinators are now located on the website, under Staff Reports. The address is

Howell Ferguson’s latest report can be read here.

Luis Camacho’s latest report can be read here.

Donnie Bates’ latest report can be read here.

Extension Reports 

Classes Coming To An End, Campaigns Begin: One week of short-courses at CBIW and students are headed for campaign work. Pray the souls in these villages are receptive.

Uganda School of Evangelism Nears Graduation: News from students and graduates from the Uganda School of Evangelism shows the benefit of the work in Uganda.

Chimala, East Africa Bound: After recovering from hip replacement surgery, Garry Hill will soon be headed back to Chimala with the confidence of continuing this great work. 

Praying For Successful Outreach: The staff and student body of the Southwest School of Evangelism continues to proclaim the gospel and praying for God to give the increase.

Chimala Mission: Chad Wagner Report: The activity on the mission, from the hospital to local evangelism, is growing in southern Tanzania.

7 Congregations And 400 Souls: What began as small has blossomed under the guiding hand of God. The recent church plant in Arusha makes the 7th congregation in this city.

Short-Term Workers In Arusha: A team from Indiana has been in Arusha, Tanzania this past week working with the new church plant. They have worked hard and God has blessed.

New Church Plant In Arusha Is Growing: News from the church is Arusha shares growth. The latest church plant is already hosting 19 attendees.

Final Thoughts
“Thank you” never seems adequate to express how much we appreciate your help in the work of Extension Training. We are blessed to work with the greatest people on earth and we thank you for making that possible. Our prayer is that God will richly bless you for your generosity and that you are encouraged by the work being done around the world.

God bless


Posted on March 2, 2014 .