Students Prepare To See 26 Villages In Cameroon...

Dearest in Christ,

Greetings from Cameroon. We do hope you are all doing great in all that you are supposed to do for the Lord and humanity.

We give thanks to God for another successful end of a quarter in CBIW for the past two weeks we were involved in the intensive short courses in the book of “2 Corinthians” and “Advance Hermeneutics.” These short courses were taught by two of our former students who are now full time evangelists in congregations, both in the French and English part of Cameroon.

This morning the Wotutu congregation, we prayed for all the students as they embark on their journeys to 26 different villages and towns all over Cameroon, some to French speaking locations. We are looking, by His grace, for the establishment of a new congregation in Isokolo village. We have been there many times for a survey. Keep the work in your prayers.

Students will travel by boat and some will travel long distances on muddy road to get to where they will serve. Please keep them in your prayers.

Brother Mokwe Eugene taught the word to someone who is just returning from the farm, so many people are eager to hear the truth. Keep us in your prayers as we reach out to many, so that the seeds we sow in their hearts will bear good fruit soon.

Our country celebrated a national holiday concerning our re-unification between the French speaking Cameroonians and the English speaking ones. Our history holds that we were one, but later on we were divided because of colonialism. If our history holds that, then we Cameroonians stand by it. It is the same with the gospel that we preach. We are supposed to be one indivisible in Christ. Let us keep away from our geographical locations and ethnicity or our skin color. We are one in Christ. Let us pray for love, cherish, encouragement, provoke one another in love and good works as we labor daily in the vineyard. Jesus prayed for our oneness, ask yourself a question: Do you sincerely know that we are one? 1Co. 1:10-12.

Our students are out to many congregations, mostly to those congregations that, by His grace, we have established and we are nurturing weekly. Keep them in your prayers.

Many demands by some congregations for us to come and help reach out.

I still feel bad about the roof of the Koba congregation. Rains have started, what will happen now with the Christians in my village congregation? Please pray and see if you can be of help to cover the walls from windy rain which starts the rainy season in Cameroon.

It is a thing of joy to us always, as we join together weekly to say thank you. We thank God on your behalf for all the great works you are doing in God’s kingdom. God bless you and only He will reward you in due season.

Do your best to share with others this report. I will report back weekly, only when the students will return from their vacation after campaign. God bless you.

Elangwe and family

By His grace director CBIW

Posted on March 9, 2014 .