Recent Trip To Paraguay Report...

On Friday February 21st I was able to meet with brother Troy Spradlin who is the director of the school in Paraguay via Skype. We have plans to meet every Friday for the time being until I feel I have a full grasp of the daily activities that take place at the school.

In terms of the daily administration of the school, the student manual is being updated in an effort to prevent abuse from students during their tenure as preaching students. During my visit to teach I did witness firsthand Troy dealing with a student neglecting his room responsibilities. 

In terms of the economic well being of the student body, students that are on partial status will receive a scholarship increase due to a local increase in the cost of living. During the time that I was there, gas prices translated to over $6.00 per gallon and apparently the price of public transportation has increased. 

We also had the opportunity to talk about the recruitment of future students. As it stands now, brother Troy communicated that there is not a good grip on perspective students. It has been my observation that Paraguay is a spiritual gold mine to reach souls for the Kingdom. I hope that in the days to come I will be able to connect a bit more with the administrators of the school, student body, and even the church over the internet. Troy and I talked about using the technology that is currently available such as Skype and other similar services that are of better quality that do not equate to the price of airfare. At the moment this is all the information that I have that is relevant that I would like to report in reference to the school. This week, Lord willing, I will meet with Troy via Skype and gather more information to report. 

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Posted on March 2, 2014 .