20 New Students Are Ready To Begin Their Journey...


We at the Kenya School of Preaching are very excited to inform you that we had 47 applicants for the second intake and we selected 20. This was a very stiff selection because of the qualifications and their involvement with Lord's work, but we will determine whether they are up to the task when classes begin on October 6th. 

We, the faculty are still very determined to keep training high and will not entertain laziness and joy riding. 

We are also happy to tell you that all 20 students selected have reported and another additional student came without an invitation letter on October 3rd and insists on staying at the school. Unfortunately we will have to send him home and he has to wait for the third intake 2016. 

The number of applicants is a proof of perpetuity and a vote of confidence in the new school and the great work we did with the first intake.

After our graduation we didn't have rest, as is sometimes good for workers, but joined local congregations for a series of gospel meetings and door to door evangelism where 11 obeyed the gospel. 

We had a good number of KSOP graduates serving in various ways during the meetings, we are proud of them and look forward to greater service from them.

God is causing the increase when men go out to plant and water the seed. 

Keep praying for the school, new students and our graduates who are in the field already. 

I will be leaving to Arusha Tanzania on October 8th to attend Men's leadership conference where am scheduled to speak on "Perfect leaders manage their resources well" Nehemiah 4:16-18.

Keep me prayers.

Thanks all for your prayers and assistance to keep the good work going on.

God bless you more and more.

His servant,
Charles Ogutu
Kenya School of Preaching

Posted on October 5, 2014 .