Tamale Campaign Brings Souls To Christ...

By the grace of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, every bit of the plan for the quarter is being unfolded. Presently, students are out for a gospel campaign at Gumani, one of the suburbs of Tamale. This is an effort from the Institute to establish a congregation in that suburb to make the number of congregations to three. There are a number of brethren who reside in that suburb who will be glad to worship closer to their residencies.

After the campaign, brother Joe Wilkie will arrive from America to handle the class for two weeks, together with brother Tony and brother Jaminja Ndakar. This arrangement is to end the quarter on the 17th of October, 2014.

Among the students is Brother Isaiah Ahmed Amadu, who has impaired eyesight. He is an enterprising student who could be developed to preach to specifically the citizenry with impaired eyesight. We, however, are faced with the lack of equipment and materials for teaching and learning such challenged students. The Institute wishes to humbly appeal to our sponsors and all brethren who can come to our aid to assist us in the effective training of this brother/student so that he can also become an effective preacher for the Lord’s Kingdom.

Aside from the materials and equipment for teaching and learning, if there is anything available to motivate this student, the Institute would be glad to have it for this brother.

The Tamale Institute of Biblical Studies welcomes all brethren who have the desire to support any activity which will build the faith of the flock of the Lord in Tamale to win more souls to inform the Institute through the Director (joebah2003@yahoo.co.uk), brother Anthony Johnson (toeknee223@hotmail.com) or brother Steven Ashcraft (samtnhome@yahoo.com). 

Let us all build together the House of God through which salvation can be obtained.

Baah Joseph Okyere (Director)

Posted on October 5, 2014 .