Campaign Cameroon, And A Story Worth Reading...

Dearest in Christ,

Greetings from Wotutu. It is another day here and our worship was great as we invested time to worship God according to how He wants people to worship Him.

We hope this report finds you in good health. We are doing better in health. We do hope you are doing fine in health. Keep us in your prayers. Our students are back on campus strong and ready to start learning for the final quarter. One student is sick and has not been able to return, but he called and said by His grace he will be here after one week.

The students spent two weeks in the mission field reaching out to many and nurturing congregations. This field work led to the establishment of two new congregations and the revival of the Mile One Kumba congregation where the church stopped worshipping because there was no one to preach. The nearby congregation started sending their Christians to go and help, but they stopped also without any explanation. We praise God because one of our students went to that community and invested two weeks and the congregation had 42 fallen Christians return to the Lord.

Today in Wotutu, we had a meeting with our students and their wives. This meeting was scheduled for us to start making preparations for graduation. I used that opportunity to thank their wives for such a sacrifice leaving their husbands to be in the school for two years. More appreciations will be expressed on the day of graduation, which is on the 11th of December 2014.

After the meeting we took a family picture with the wives. It was another opportunity for our wives to meet their friends and for them to share visions toward full time work come January 2015. Our graduation and matriculation will be on the same day. The new Gamma batch of students have started coming to my office to get their admission letters.

Our student, Itoe David, spent two weeks in the Muea congregation and the Lord added 5 souls and 4 fallen Christians came back. The Muea congregation is the congregation I shared last week with the overflow population sitting outside the hall.

Our student, Mokwe Eugene, spent two weeks in Yoke village and the Lord added two souls into the church there. He was able to baptized our new brother. He is called brother Tita. He is 85 years old and was a polygamist with 3 wives. When he got the truth he called his wives and told them that he had found the Lord and could not continue in his old ways. He settled with all the wives by sharing his wealth and houses and took his first wife. He gave them portions of his property and told them that he will continue to take care his children as long as they need his help. What a God we serve. It was a “come to and see something” in that community. The wives were amazed what the gospel can do. We have started studies with the Mission Printing tracts on polygamy and shared with many in that community because that is a habit there.

Our young congregations in Batoke, Dikome, Koba, Ediki, and Down Beach Limbe witnessed great spiritual growth because students stayed longer. Sister Sylvia obeyed the gospel in Batoke.

Brother Tita popularly called in the community. After His baptism he said it aloud and was very happy, “Thank you God, you have remembered me.” It was a joyous day for his family and the community. Keep him in your prayers as our students continue to go there on weekly basis until their graduation in December, where by His grace a student will go there and start his ministry.

Summary of the two weeks evangelism by CBIW students:

Number of baptism: 35
Number of restoration: 48
Number of newly established congregations: 2
Number of congregation revived: 1 mile from Kumba.

Keep praying as we move closer to November where we shall have a mass evangelism in Lebialem and Mamfe for the annual Bible lectureship in Cameroon.

God alone will bless you and reward you in due season for all that you are doing tirelessly for the work here in Cameroon. We say, “thank you” because if not of your kind heart it would not have been like this here. God bless you as you share this with others.

Elangwe and family

By His grace Director CBIW

Posted on October 5, 2014 .