Wagner Tidbits From Chimala...

One of the wonderful aspects of mission work here in Chimala is the opportunity to preach in many different congregations.

I recently traveled to Dar es Salaam and preached at the Mbagala church of Christ. They are in the process of appointing Scriptural leadership but have recently had some setbacks. I preached on “Unity” and “Brother Love” while also encouraging them to continue in the process of finding biblical leaders. I also had the opportunity to preach at the Temeke church of Christ. They have a Bible School in their church building, which is performing outreach works in the local community.

I had another occasion to preach recently at the Luhovelo church of Christ. I was quite surprised to see several local secondary school students present and active during the worship service. What a blessing! The congregation certainly blessed the missionary with hope and encouragement that Sunday!

I am looking forward to teaching again at the Chimala Bible Institute. I will be teaching 1st and 2nd Thessalonians to our English students. It is always a positive experience to help train preachers!

There is always much work to be done here at the Chimala Mission! With the schools, the hospital, evangelism and church development, the work here is often overwhelming! However, our hearts are well-rewarded for the toil.

Herring Christian Secondary School
The Herring Christian Secondary School is preparing for the first Form IV exams later this year. They have been working hard preparing the students for this very important exam in
Tanzania. The Chimala Bible Institute will be starting classes again for it’s second half of the year in just a few weeks where I will be teaching classes once again. My wife and I have been busy preparing our own school classroom for our children. Jonah will be starting Kindergarten this week and everyone is very excited!

The Price Family Needs Your Help
The Price family excites us with their passion for evangelism and experience in leadership training!

Trent, Penny, Jazz and Dakotah joined the Chimala Mission Team in 2013 after working in various full-time ministries since 2000, including House Parenting, Pulpit Ministry, Family Life Ministry, and Involvement Ministry. They also worked on several short-term mission trips to Finland, Estonia, Turkey, Jamaica, and Nicaragua.

Before devoting his life to Christ, Trent trained in different leadership styles, working as a robotics engineer. Throughout his years in ministry, Trent has been certified as a peace officer, ROPES facilitator, and is a founding member in the John Maxwell Company where he was certified as a life coach and leadership trainer and speaker.

Penny excels in organization, serving and encouragement. Penny has successfully initiated and maintained Children's Ministries, Ladies Ministries, and Mother's Day Out Programs. She brings a host of talents to the table to help the Tanzanians grow in their leadership abilities.

Jazz and Dakotah both possess the natural ability to connect with others and are excited about sharing the Gospel and serving the Tanzanians. Jazz has a love for kids and has been called the ‘pied piper' because children flock to her no matter where God leads them in ministry. Dakotah has a love for Futbol and plans to start a soccer league with the kids on the mission.

The Prices recently joined forces with Healing Hands to share and develop better agricultural techniques with the Tanzanians. While in Tanzania, the Prices will be focused on Evangelism and Leadership Development.

Good News!   Thanks to you, the Wagners are coming home for a visit.

Thanks to you! Thanks to your generosity, we were able to purchase plane tickets. We will fly Ethiopian Airlines leaving October 29 and returning to Tanzania on January 2nd. The family is excited to be able to see family and friends.  We are very grateful for your help for our trip.

Travel Expenses
We are still in need of travel expenses of $2,000 to get us to and from the airport in Dar es Salaam as well as other unexpected expenses. If you can help with that, we would truly appreciate that.

Schedule Your Visit!
We will be home for nine Sundays and 8 Wednesdays. We would love to come and visit your congregation to show our appreciation. We would be willing to make a presentation to your congregation, missions committee or eldership.

Chad Wagner Missionary

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Posted on September 1, 2013 .