Souls Are Added And The Student Base Is Growing...

Greetings to all my supporters, friends and family! It's good to be back and report on the work of Christ for the past two months. We have some wonderful news to share. In the past two months, three souls were added to the church in Siem Reap. Two of whom are students at IBISR (that enrolled 3 months ago) and the other one is a future student of IBISR and is the sister in law of Darat, one of our staff. We are overjoyed to be a part of the transformation of these three souls and look forward to winning more souls for Christ.

The International Bible Institute of Siem Reap finished its first school year in the month of July. We are very excited for this group. They will be the first group to go through our newly updated curriculum that involves the Work/Study Program. We cant wait to see how much fruit they bear. Below is the roster for our current class of 2014:

1. Vannak, M, 37 yrs old, Puen's husband (our cook) has 2 sons and 1 daughter. Came to IBISR by way of wife's encouragement. Plans to be a preacher after graduation.

2. Pros, M, 18 yrs old, member of Somrowng church where Sokchea preaches near Leang Dai. Very bright young man. Plans to go help Sokchea back in his home village.

3. Sopheak, M, 18 yrs old, my brother in law, studying at IBISR as well as Build Bright University part time. Plans to be a full time preacher.

4. Samnang, M, 18 yrs old, from Kompong Kleang where the water of life raft is at. Plans to go back to KK and help the work there after graduation.

5. Tuk, M, 25 yrs old, from Sambu village. Plans to stay in Siem Reap and help with the local work.

6. Doung, F, 23 yrs old, from Takam village, University student. Plans to help with the children in Siem Reap.

7. Rotana, F, 18 yrs old, Piseth's wife, works part time at Hannah's Hope and teaches children Bible class.

8. Khemerey, F, 23 yrs old, my sister in law, University student studying accounting also works part time at Hannah's Hope.

9. Socheat, F, 18 yrs old, University student, part time nanny at Hannah's Hope.

10. Makara, F, 18 yrs old, rotates teaching the children on sundays, part time worker at Hannah's Hope.

11. Phally, F, 20 yrs old, orphan.

12. Phalla, F, 18 yrs old, orphan, Phally's sister from Battambang province.

In August we had a 3 week break for the students after they finished their school year. We took our annual trip to Kompong Som Province to enjoy one of God's beautiful creation, the ocean! It was a wonderful and uplifting event in that we never forget to praise God and involve him in all of our activities. We heard great lessons from the staff at IBISR as well as our guest speakers Bill and Daniel. It was a wonderful and successful event in that, because of this event, we were able to recruit another student for IBISR. One of the family members of our students saw how we interacted and wanted to learn more about God. He is the older brother of Rotana which is the wife of one of our staff, Piseth. God has blessed us so much and keeps sending more people our way. We ask that you continue to keep the work here in your prayers and continue to support us because without you, these things cannot happen!


To see Phanat’s report with pictures, please click here.

Posted on September 1, 2013 .