A Vision For Growth In Liberia...

Greetings from your fellow laborers who are working for Christ in Liberia, West Africa. Thanks for all your support of the Liberia Bible College through prayers and financial assistance over the period under review. Your active benevolence has resulted in the resurrection of our preaching school from the doldrums of academic inactivity after being shut down four years ago by the National Commission on Higher Education for not meeting minimum requirements as a degree granting tertiary institution. This state of affairs has constrained us to seek help from the brotherhood overseas.

Initial Contact
After the director described the dismal state of affairs at the preaching school to brother Steven Ashcraft of Bear Valley Bible Institute of Denver in early January, the latter visited Monrovia on February 27, 2012 and stayed a few days. Brother Steven, after looking over the facilities and set up of the Bible College, intimated to the Liberian brethren that he and Bear Valley could help Liberia Bible College in some way to operate successfully. Following this initial contact with the Liberian brethren, brother Steven did discuss the plight of the school with some brethren and congregations in the United States of America in his attempt to source financial assistance for the school. It was through his search that he found brother from Texas, a modern Barnabas who immediately came to the aid of the Liberia Bible College.

Building Renovation Campaign
Liberia Bible College officially began the largest capital campaign in the school's history following the second visit of brother Steven Ashcraft. He launched a drive to raise the needed funds to renovate the Jerry Langford Building. Built in 1971, the building facilities desperately needed major renovations. The campaign was a four month effort to raise adequate money for much needed renovations to the school building. The Langford building was built in the early 1970s and has not had major improvements or renovations since that time. The funds provided by this brother from Texas served to remodel, modernize and refurbish both exterior and interior of the said building. Fulfilling the role as fundraiser is Steven Ashcraft. Quote from him while raising the funds: “I have found a good man who has agreed to provide all the money required for the renovation.”

Enrollment Update
We would like to update you about our unusual, yet extremely significant school year, following a hiatus of four years. Our Fall Semester started September 14, 2012. We expected the twenty- two (22) applicants who submitted their application forms to enroll during this first term of academic activities. At the close of our registration exercise, the total enrollment of students stood at fifteen(15), comprising seven residential students and eight commuting. We would like to have more students, but fifteen students can make a real difference for the Lord as they graduate and go out to preach and teach the gospel. Even while they are in training they are seriously carrying out the commission of Christ by teaching the gospel in evangelism and edification.

Our plan, however, is to increase enrollment by organizing a second class come September 2013. There is a great need to recruit, encourage and train more workers because 'the harvest is plenteous but the workers are few.' Also the furniture/facilities procured through your beneficence including beds are greatly under utilized. For instance there are ten bunk beds to accommodate twenty full-time students, but only seven students are available.

First Term Courses
During the Fall Semester there were six courses offered and taught by six teachers as follows: Brother Jerry D. Wamah taught How We Got the Bible; Brother Maxwell J. Whea presented the Old Testament I (Pentateuch); Brother G. Moses Beh taught Personal Evangelism; Brother Philip G. Montgomery facilitated Writing Skills; Brother Arthur David presented Worship; and Brother Alassis N. Goldore handled Christian Evidences. The first term of regular academic activities ended on November 29, following a week of Final Examinations.

Short Courses
Two short courses were offered during the first and second weeks of December. Courses included Leadership and the Scheme of Redemption. The Leadership course was presented by the director of the school while the Scheme of Redemption was taught by an adjunct faculty.

Evangelism Update
Weekend evangelism is an integral component of LBC extracurricular activities. Students participate in community evangelism each week as part of their outreach obligation. They work with congregations both in Monrovia and beyond in the areas of teaching Bible classes, doing personal work and visitation. The results: There are baptisms from their effort and many restorations. Praise the Lord.

During the month of October our ministerial students were involved in field work and worship activities at local congregations. Their efforts resulted into six baptisms. In November our students actively participated in Bible class teaching, visitation, and personal evangelism. There were ten baptisms. In week one there were three baptisms, week three two restorations, and the fourth week seven baptisms.

End of term Gospel Campaign
At the end of each academic session both faculty and students conduct a week of campaign for Christ. This first term campaign was held on two weekends in December with Smythe Road church serving as host. Twenty-five persons participated in the Gospel campaign. Twelve persons received water baptisms and many were encouraged to return to the fold.

Our Vision for 2013
Not satisfied with the present lean enrollment we will make sure that a second class is started during next Fall Term, which begins in September. This increase in admission will help us attain the twenty full time students plus more commuting students. Local congregations, most of which are manned by our graduates have assured us to encourage some of their members to enroll next academic year. A one year church leadership training program being operated by two graduates of Liberia Bible College has signed a memorandum of understanding to serve as feeder to the Bible College.

Commitment from local congregations to support the Bible College through financial contributions will be forthcoming. Smythe Road and Monrovia congregations are the leaders in this arrangement. We have received assurance from our brethren that they will surely make good on their promise on a monthly basis. A listing of all potential supporting congregations and brethren will be sent as soon as the administration receives all the commitment forms from them. Also the alumni and former students have resolved to get involved with direct support to the Preaching School.

Closing Remarks
We extend our gratitude to you for your generous support of our institution; your financial contributions have tremendously helped LBC to resurrect. You are indeed our colaborer in Christ. God bless you with his love and mercy. We appreciate your continued prayers and support.

Alassis N. Goldore Director
Liberia Bible College

Posted on January 27, 2013 .