The Church In Cameroon Grows...

Dearest in Christ,

It is always amazing to share with you what the Lord is doing here in our ministry. I do hope this report finds you in good health and sound faith. May His grace be with you through the course of this week. We are doing fine in health and we are still strong, going ahead with the dismantling of the kingdom of darkness so that the Kingdom of light will shine into this dark world for many to see and come to the light.

Today sister Agnes Moluwa put on Christ. May God help her. Miriam Mbong also put on Christ. Please keep these two young and precious souls in your prayers, that this young struggling congregation, with our help, will be able to nurture them to maturity to the glory of God.

We appreciate God for a successful worship today. In Wotutu it was great as 98 were in attendance. In Tole, 17 were in attendance. In a nutshell all students went out this week for weekend preaching and teaching creating some impact in the lives of those under their voice.

All is set for a smooth taking of long course exams tomorrow as all the CBIW students were healthy throughout this time in lectures and also now that the examination has come. We pray all goes well with them.

Brother Mulango Theophile, one of our students, delivered an exhortation yesterday during our special prayers and fasting session. It was really uplifting spiritually as many poured out themselves to the Lord seeking His great mercy to visit them in their points of need.

Most of the Christians in Wotutu were ready to pray and intercede for others. Some parents were interceding for their children as they will equally start writing GCE exams in public schools. People came with diverse reasons. The church in Wotutu thought it wise to elevate her Christians this way during this season. Also in the agenda were prayers for visiting lecturers from the USA who will be coming, brother Josh Austin and brother David Ballard. Our visions were being brought to our God so that He will direct our plans.

Two young secondary students came this early morning to Wotutu, all the way from Tole which is 5 miles away from Wotutu. They came knocking at the door that the preaching they had last Tuesday about the New Testament church and worship was not shown to them by their denominational pastors, so they came searching for the truth so that they could be baptized. They said they never wanted to wait for us in Tole because it will delay them as Tole village is suffering now from shortages of running water, great faith indeed. Please keep them in your prayers so that this faith will grow and many of their friends will also obey the truth in future.

Our children here in the Wotutu congregation are learning the word of God under plantain trees, because the hall is too small now to accommodate them during the adult Bible class on Sunday. Please keep these young ones, who are the church of tomorrow, in your prayers as we plan and seek ways of erecting a temporal attachment to our church hall for their class because a rainy day will stop them from studying outside.

1) We shall send students on campaign immediately when they are done with their short courses next month, the 16
th of June. Keep them in your prayers as we shall go to a virgin land to plant a new congregation.

2) Batoke mission work is still pending.

We thank God for you standing by us to accomplish all this. God bless you for that. Please continue and more will be done.

Do your best to share this report with others who may love to be part of this soul saving ministry. God bless you and watch over you till next week when we shall share some more news with you. Say hello to all those in the house of God in your area. I know you are planning to get set for worship. I wish you wonderful moments in the presence of other brethren joining in one accord to worship God the way He has described people to worship Him.

Elangwe and family
By His grace director of CBIW

Posted on May 27, 2012 .