Difficulties With Location In India...

Dear brethren,

I appreciate all the efforts and means you all put to spread the gospel in the Northern parts of India. 

To spread the gospel, means there is not much work done on the ground. Through NIBC we have been blessed to do be a part of this great vision and the ministry. 

It was all going well and we were encouraged with the response we were getting from the people with our efforts. But Satan is not happy, when we are happy. 

We have been facing trouble for the college building for the past several years. We were not ready to change as we thought that changing the place frequently also hurts the reputation of the Institute and have adverse effect on the coming students.

Our deed with the present owner was to be finished this May, and he has asked me to vacate this (he may want to give on hire rent). The same time our own (where we live) has also asked to vacate this month. Somehow we will manage our own as it is for the family, but for several people, especially for the Christian activity, as I have told you earlier is a tough job. 

We need all of your prayers as we are asked to vacate both the places this month. 

At the same time, I wish to share with you that we do not forget that our Lord is so gracious with us. He provides the things we need when we do his good will. It was and is always my prayer, that my God should be glorified among the pagans and they should always learn that he blesses us in many ways. You know my son, Andrew. He is doing very well. The Lord has given him good health, good height, good mind .... He is just 15+, and is 6' 2''. He plays basketball in the school and is their best scorer. He gave exams for the matriculation class. To God be the glory, that he has received 95% in the final exams. It is great blessing for us that he is good in studies also. 

At the same time, we are wondering how we will manage to meet the raised expenses for his higher studies. Everything for him has changed drastically. Your prayers are always sought as we forget not to thank our great God for all the love and kindness. 

All glory to God.

In Him 


Posted on May 27, 2012 .