Students Evangelizing Eastern Uganda Villages...

Dear brethren,

The Lord is protecting us and giving us life. The students and faculty of Uganda School of Evangelism are doing well. On Friday (Nov. 2) the students went for agriculture lessons which Paul given them and worked in the Garden. After lunch they all went out to do evangelism. 

On Saturday (Nov. 3) the whole faculty and students went for evangelism in Junge village about 5 kilometers from the school. After breakfast they started walking to that village. There were students who were not feeling well who wanted to remain in the dorm, but they were encouraged also to go as we had carried the lunch for all of them to that village. We carried also some extra plates for the members of Junge church of Christ who were going to walk with us in the homes. We divided in a group of three and we made seven groups. Most groups were welcomed in the homes they were visiting. One group was scared and chased a way by the owner of the home by saying that there are some people who pretend to be preachers, but they are thieves who come with Bibles in their hands, but they are just looking for things to steal at night. The group left the home and moved to the next home which welcomed them very much and they were comforted by that. They said that in the second home they wanted them to come back for more studies. Most homes wanted more studies. 

We hope that the power of the gospel will create salvation. Hope read from you. 

Francis Wechesa

Posted on November 11, 2012 .