Hindi Booklets Are Reaching Masses In India...

First of all, we are prayerfully thankful that there has not been a single news of loss among the brotherhood in the recent natural calamities in the US and in India. The Lord is in control. He gives us strength and wisdom to share His message among his people.

We are also thankful for all the supporters and well wishers who are partaking with us to spread and strengthen the work in this Northern belt. It gives me immense pleasure to share with you some of activities during the past few weeks. After brother Jerry and brother Rodney left Chandigarh, we were more busy in Lord's work here. After the first Wednesday meeting in Parjapati Bhawan we were again ready to go to the People.

Sharing the truth with Voice of Truth International (Hindi)
After printing the Voice of truth International (Hindi), Vol. 2, we thought to take it to as many people as we could. We set a target of 1,000 books (out of 5,000 copies we printed here) to be given in Chandigarh and the surrounding areas. I am glad that we could do that. We asked students to go by bus to the far places and visit the nearer places on foot. They did it and it was very encouraging for them to contact new people.  

Follow up
To leave the people after giving them the book does not seem to me a good idea. So we have thought to start the work in new places. In Kharar (of adjoining City Mohali) we have started meeting in the evening on Sunday. Sector 26 (about 15 Kms. from our place to the other corner of the city) is in mind to start work there. Baddi (an industrial town in adjoining state, Himachal Pradesh) is also in our prayers to start work there.

Amritsar Trip
On the 23rd of October, brother Mangal had arranged a gospel meeting in Verka, Amritsar. More than 100 people attended. Brother Francis David and sister Elsy came from Delhi and we, along with the children, joined from Chandigarh. Preachers from other places of Punjab were invited. We took the students also.

Brother Francis and I were asked to preach there. The meeting went well, except that there was a sudden storm in the middle of the program and all tents were blown away and the electricity failed. The banner was found the next day in the fields. It was blown in the air as the program was on the roof. There was darkness everywhere, but thank God brother Mangal had arranged a generator set and we had light after a short while to continue. We thank God we could arrange downstairs and all went well. People were there to hear the word of God.

This kind of event is a part of learning how to arrange meetings and an encouragement to each other. Students were also able to visit Indo-Pak International Border retreat and the world famous golden temple of Sikhs in Amritsar.   

Bombay Trip
My Bombay trip in the first has been postponed due to some changes in program there. Now I will go on the evening of the 13th and return back on the 18th after 3 days Bible class there. I hope to fetch some students from that side too.  

Dengue Fever
Dengue has spread in the city and some of our members are affected by it. They need our prayers.

SMS Service restarted
Started a couple of years back, our daily SMS message on mobiles is started again. In the past few months I had stopped that due to financial reasons and the restriction of the government due to security and other reasons. But, thank God it is back now and we are able to send text messages to 1,600 people daily. This way we are able to send 50,000 messages each month.

Literature Distribution
We are using every opportunity the Lord provides us to share the word of God with as many people as we can. Presently we are sending throughout the nation and to Nepal also, Truth for Today (Hindi and Punjabi) books for preachers and the common people as well. Bibles, New Testaments and Song books are also part of that to help the local preachers.

Correspondence course
Though we do not have it in the Hindi language, yet as people know that we are running a Bible Education program, there is increasing demand of the Bible correspondence course in Hindi language. I think we need to think over it seriously as many people can be blessed with that.

I am sure, there is no end of writing, but this is just a glimpse to inform the brethren, what is going on here and that every penny we get, is used for the glory of God.

Earnest Gill

Posted on November 11, 2012 .