20 Souls Added To Young Congregation...

Dearest in Christ,

Accept greetings from this end. We are doing fine, but not in the best of health today. We do hope you are doing great and we continue to pray for you over there in the USA for the safe elections in your country. We are praying for you because in most African countries after presidential elections, most of the time leads to a civil war and other uproars. We praise the nature of peace and maturity in the politics in USA. May God bless the good people of America. 

Our week here went on well even though many are sick because of the climate change now, but we praise God for His great care over us. CBIW students are still serious with their studies as they will be winding up the long courses soon.

Sister Magdalene obeyed Christ and was baptized. Please keep her in your prayers to continue to walk with the Lord, so that through her many will come to know Christ and make decisions like this.

Our chapel theme for the week was “Your Mindset” Rom. 12:2. It was aimed at helping all in the school and in the congregation focus their minds only on the old rugged cross where they will see the greatest sacrifice in human history ever made. That will build them and give them hope as they pass through lots of challenges now.

We arrived for house to house in Kombe village. We were supposed to go to two different locations for mass campaign, but finally we failed to go to Batoke village because of logistic problem. The mission work this week took us to 3 locations and the mass was in Kombe, one of those congregations we just revived. I could not continue the work because of severe fever. I left and came back to get some herbs that really helped me and as I write this report I am okay. Thanks for your prayers. The campaign in Kombe ended up this morning with 20 souls being added to the young congregation there. We need follow up so that these young converts will not lack the spiritual milk that must help them grow. Keep the work in your prayers.

In Wotutu this morning after worship, among the five first time visitors that came, one obeyed the gospel. Sister Magdalene Zangma listened to our student Eddie Samuel to make a confession and to be baptized. A total numbers were 114 worshippers who witnessed her willingness to follow Jesus.You can see how our membership keeps growing. We are in an urgent need to get some more benches in the church hall and in less than no time we shall be thinking for an expansion of our hall. As we continue to preach on our radio program every morning many are getting the truth from their beds before they start their day. Many call and ask questions and to appreciate what the church of Christ is doing. By so doing we have a great influence in the community.

1) We are still planning to go to Batoke for the same exercise. Please keep this in your prayers .

2) We have started making preparation for our very first graduation ceremony and second matriculation in CBIW. The expectations are high as we are expecting above 700 people. Please we make an appeal for you to see how you can help add from what we have to feed this population.

3) The church in Wotutu prepares for a day of prayers and fasting for successful twin events coming up and also for the short courses instructors and other visitors who will be visiting us soon.

We praise God for you, your family and your congregation for listening to the great commission call and you are here praying and standing by us in all situations to see that the work of the Lord come to pass, which is to go to the whole world and to preach the gospel. Thank you for  coming to Cameroon in person or through your generosity, which is taking someone here to help the work to grow.

God bless you all and watch over you. We count on your fervent prayers. God will see you through in all your endeavors.

Elangwe and family
By His grace director of CBIW

Posted on November 11, 2012 .