The Work Continues To Grow Strong In Arusha...

Dear Supporters, Family and Friends.

It has been a wonderful day in worship to our Creator. We pray that you have had or will have the same opportunity to do so. It is because of what you have done that makes the work here possible and for that we are thankful. May God richly bless you in all that you do!

Jimmy had the opportunity to teach Bible class and preach today at Kisongo. We continued our Bible study through the Gospel of John and learned about the events surrounding the last day in worship. Trina taught the ladies class.

As we said last week, we are expecting several visitors this week. Steve Wiseman will be here with his daughter Lexi. Buddy Fry will also be here. Both are here to attend and speak at the Tanzania Leadership Conference. We are expecting visitors from Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda. Please pray that much good will come from this. It is meant to strengthen the congregations throughout East Africa. It will start on Friday and go through Sunday. On Sunday the events will be held at the Arusha congregation where they will coincide with a Friends Day. Around 200 are expected to attend.

We received another update on Stone this week. One of the brothers I had asked to do follow-up with Stone wrote and said that they had not yet had a chance to get together again since August. Stone is involved in many things and is very busy but they talk on the phone once or twice a week and are hoping to meet in the next week or two. Please pray that they have opportunity to study more.

As we also said last week, we are looking forward to the arrival of Jimmy’s great-aunt Edith Kincaid as well as Trina's mother Rita Ward. Lord willing they will arrive on Friday night, September 23. Please pray for their safe travel.

The ACSOP is going well. Buddy Fry will begin a short course on Wednesday on the subject of Exegesis. He will teach for two days and then take a break for the Leadership conference. Then he will finish his class next week. Jimmy will then begin a short course on the Church. After that we will start the last quarter of the year. That means we have a graduation that will occur on the last Saturday of November. We will have more to say about that as the time approaches.

On a final, and sad, note, our sister Helen passed away this week. As you may remember she was converted a few months back. She had cancer. Her brother Lembris taught her the Gospel and she was baptized while on a trip to the hospital in Dar es Salaam. Please pray for her family as they grieve her death. 

In Christ,
The Gees

Posted on September 18, 2011 .