Francis Has A New Granddaughter...

Dear brethren,

I hope you are all doing fine in the Lord. We are doing fine. Last Sunday we worshiped at Bukalikha church of Christ. They have finished making 6,000 bricks. They are now raising money to buy wood for baking them. After baking they plan to start the walls up to the wall plate. They are asking if there is brother who help them with money to buy cement, timber and iron sheets. They only need 22 iron sheets. 

My daughter Edith gave birth to a baby girl on 10th Sept. My daughter, Lydia, who is lives in USA, also arrived on 9th. She wanted to see her sister deliver. She was her nurse. She worked with the midwife to help deliver. Thank you for your prayers.  

Last week I finished a short course with the English class. I started today with the Kiswahili class. I am very busy as I have to translate all the notes from English to Kiswahili, type them and take them later to print and photo copy them. I have to be busy for 18 hrs. I have translate about 67 pages, but is my pleasure to serve. Thank you for your support. You have helped us to be busy. Idle mind is the workshop of the devil. Thank you for all. May God bless you.

Francis Wechesa

Posted on September 18, 2011 .