Souls Added, Restored, And Encouraged In Cameroon...

Dearest in Christ, 

Accept greetings from the staff, students and the brethren in Wotutu congregation. I pray and hope that this mail will meet you in good health and soundness of your faith, as usual. I am here to report to you with joy appreciating God for His wonderful love and care over us and you.

CBIW students returned on campus safe and sound. I waited to see them so as to collect their report, compile them and send them to you. As I write this report now it is 11:30 pm in Cameroon. The reports are wonderful and you will have reasons to light up the name of the Lord as you finish reading this report to appreciate God for what He did to our students on Campaign in more than 15 communities in our fatherland.

The pictures have small information to help you understand the activity in the pictures. From the bad roads as they left Wotutu to horrible conditions in the mission field, like accommodation and other things, but we appreciate God that He took the students and they return without any serious health problem by this time as I write to you.

The students have ample opportunity to meet with traditional rulers and top government officials as they are to present themselves in front of those people for them to be aware that they are in the community or that administrative area to preach. By so doing, exposing the gospel and the church to those in high level, oh oh CBIW is breaking grounds and it is activating the deactivated in our country. Please continue to stand with us and many more things will be done to the Glory of our King.

Toube Church of Christ was fully established by CBIW students. Five congregations were revived, 11 souls added, 38 souls restored, many souls nurtured and empowered by the gospel to remain in Christ and enjoy wonderful fellowship. These great works were possible only by His grace as the students of CBIW spent one week for the third campaign. We give glory to God for His care and giving the increase according to His will.

I stand here to appreciate you all for your fervent prayers, concern and support to this work. If not for your care these rescued souls would have still been wallowing in sins.

Keep us in your prayers for more to be done subsequently.

Please keep us in your prayers again as we start our long courses lectures tomorrow, the last phase of our studies for the year 2011. Pray for good health for both staff and students and also remember all our travels during this period to preach and teach.

Thanks for being there for us. Share and encourage others to come and join us in this soul winning team, so that through our joint efforts much work will be done. God bless you and watch over you. I will love to read from you soon.

Thanks for loving us
Elangwe and family
By His grace, Director CBIW

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Posted on September 18, 2011 .