Weekend In New England...

Over the past weekend I had opportunity to speak in a lectureship at the Northern Valley Church of Christ in Lancaster, New Hampshire. The lectureship was a great experience and success. I was encouraged with the organization and participation of all involved with this event. It was a true honor to share in this event. The church in the Northeast part of the country greatly needs sound men who are willing to work in teaching the gospel. 

The development of men throughout the Extension Program has been successful in spreading the news of Jesus in many countries around the world. Our efforts are desperately needed within the U.S. also. There are parts of this country with the same need for sound doctrine. The New England states certainly fall into this category.

I ask you to be praying with me for the needs of men to preach the gospel in this country, as well as, the countries where we are preparing men to preach. The reports this week relate the need for men to go with the gospel to places throughout their countries where people need to hear the message.

As the population of the world approaches seven billion people, the need will continue to grow. The time is now for us to step up to answer the commission of the Lord to go into all the world with the gospel. The need is great! Jesus said the laborers are few. His words are just as true today. You are needed to help meet the task at hand. If you would like to know more about how you can help meet the need, please contact me at bturner@bvbid.org.

Coordinator Updates
Reports from the coordinators are now located on the website, under Staff Reports. The address is /extension-schools/

Josh Austin shares news in his report about the work in Cameroon and the challenges of raising support for the work of a coordinator.

Extension Reports 

Focal Point In Cameroon Is Bearing Fruit: The focal point of the work in Cameroon continues to see souls added and restored to the kingdom.

50th Anniversary - John Oppon Gaidoo: 50 years ago, John Oppon Gaidoo began preaching the gospel in Ghana, West Africa. Daniel Asiamah from Takoradi was involved with this event.

2nd Graduation In Nigeria: The school in Abakaliki, Nigeria recently finished the second class of students. Chad Wagner was able to be there for the celebration.

Preparing For East Africa Gospel Meeting: The week ahead in Uganda will be focused on the East Africa Gospel Meeting. Brethren will be attending from all over the Eastern Region.

Living Examples In Arusha: Thanks to the efforts in Safari For Souls, Christians in Tanzania are proving to be living examples of the work. 

Final Thoughts
My final thoughts express the words of Paul. I give thanks upon my every remembrance of you. My heart is filled with joy when I consider all the ways each of you have chosen to be involved in this work. There will always be work ahead for us to do. I am thankful to know we are working together to accomplish this task.

I pray for you and ask you to pray with me for the future of the work in Extension Training. I know God will continue to bless our efforts to His glory.

Thank you for the kind and encouraging words, your prayers, financial support, and the sacrifices you make to keep the work progressing.

God bless

Posted on August 15, 2011 .