50th Anniversary - John Oppon Gaidoo...

The campus is now quiet with all students gone for the holidays. While school is out instructors will be engaged with working on their assignments from their classes last month, working with churches that have requested their services and getting materials for the new school year that begin early September.

The fiftieth anniversary of the death of John Oppon Gaidoo, the first Ghanaian evangelist of the Church of Christ was held on July 24, 2011 at Nkum his hometown, and where he had the first congregation of the church. This was organized by his family and several brethren from around the country were invited. I was privileged to preach the sermon at the service. His tomb which was renovated with funds from the Bomso church in Kumasi was unveiled that day. There was fundraising to build a meeting place to replace the shed now used for services. A target of 50,000 Ghana Cedis (about $ 34,000) has been set. 3,750 Ghana cedis of that amount were raised at the service. A request has been made to the family to preserve the room where the first converts of the church in Ghana held their meeting. It will require the strengthening of that portion of the building of which the meeting place is part.

One of our students, Augustine Assoro, the oldest, shown in an earlier report, has opted to go to the Tamale Institute of Biblical Studies to complete his training. He was part of the team that went from West Coast to the Tamale graduation. He is now past 70 years and wants to be closer to his home town in the Upper East Region.

My senior brother who lived and worked in Belgium has returned home in his retirement years. He is down with Parkinson’s disease. The cost of medication is very high. My understanding is that there is not a cure for the disease yet. All the medication is to help manage the situation. What I am seeking help for is how to care for him. It is mostly my responsibility and that of his two children to look after him. There are times he gets tremors and pains and we do not know what to do. If anyone knows about this disease and can give us information on it, and especially how to provide proper care for him as he is confined to the house and cannot walk by himself. It is not easy helping to care for him when I have no idea what it is all about.              

Brethren, pray for us.
Daniel k Ampadu-Asiamah

Posted on August 14, 2011 .