Challenges Of Raising Support For Coordinator...

Two-thirds of this month we were on the road trying to raise support. The Lord was good to us. We had safe travels and met friends, family and great brethren. The only real difficulty we had was the kids getting food poisoning for several days. Aaliyah also had a foot injury while playing with one of the kids we were staying with. That has been bruised and swollen for about a week, but thankfully a brother in Christ, who is a doctor, took some x-rays and said that there were no breaks. The children did great considering how long we were on the road and how many different places we stayed.

We went from Denver to Wichita, KS and stayed with my brother and his family. I was able to meet with two new congregations there. Then we went to Tulsa, OK and stayed with the Clayton family who has faithfully supported us for years. We were able to meet with the congregation they attend. While in Tulsa, the Comers, who are some good friends of ours from school, came from Arkansas to meet us. We then went to Oklahoma City to meet up with the Schinnerer’s, who are also good friends from school.

For the next two days we were in Stratford, OK. This is where I have a lot of family members. It was good to have time with them. The next leg took us to Dallas, TX. We worshipped with the Cold Springs congregation in the morning and the Waxahachie congregation in the evening. It was so good to see these familiar faces and then meet some new ones. The Dobson’s housed us on Sunday night and then we drove to Waco, TX to meet some generous brethren that have known us from the days of the Rez, but we really didn’t know them. Getting to know the Donaho family and sister Corley was such and encouragement to us.

Tuesday we made our way to Hico, TX. These brethren have supported us since Bear Valley. They had a special dinner where nearly 40 people were in attendance to have fellowship with our family. That really showed a lot of love; and once again we were encouraged.

Wednesday night we met with a new congregation in Lancaster, which showed a lot of love and generosity towards our family and the work we are now involved in. Thursday was wonderful as we spent the night with the Craytons. We met them at Polishing the Pulpit about 5 years ago. They are always uplifting to be with.

The next three days we stayed with the Stephens family. It was so good to get to know this family better and to see the good works they are doing in the Lord’s kingdom. It was a nice break before our long trip back home. Sunday we worshipped with the Decatur church and then on to Weatherford to worship with the North Main church. This is a very mission minded church. We appreciate all the McKay’s did to help us meet this church. We are thankful for their hospitality and generosity.

Monday we drove about 6 hours to visit some good friends from Bear Valley. The Roach’s are doing a good work near Farwell, TX. We valued our time there. Lots of catching up as our families continue to grow. The next day we drove long and hard to finally make it back to Denver.

The Lord blessed us richly on this trip. Relationships were renewed with so many loved ones and so many new relationships were forged. We praise God for this great opportunity. It was not the easiest trip, but it was a trip filled with so much giving, encouragement and love.

We want all of you who housed us, fed us, gave to us, taught us, prayed for us, encouraged us and loved us to know that you are in our prayers and we are putting these experiences on paper so we do not forget how the Lord works through His body the church.

As most of these congregations must meet with mission committees and elderships to decide budgets, we will not know the outcome of our support until the end of the year. We pray that we are able to become a part of these congregations. Our prayer is that God will place the right congregations together with us in this work of training preachers in their own countries to go into all the world.


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Posted on August 14, 2011 .