Safari For Souls In Arusha, TZ...

Greetings Fellow Workers;

We rejoice in the Lord, know our God is able and that His Saints are praying and supporting His work in Tanzania. We are a blessed people for sure and we praise His High and Holy name. We think of you often knowing it is only possible to be here, doing what we love to do so dearly, because you care and you sacrifice in your giving making all this possible. We say, thank you and may God bless you all richly. 

As mentioned before, we are now in full swing with our Safari for Souls campaigns. Our friends and co-workers from Hoover, AL are here along with a small group from GA. Sid Aultman, Chuck Webster, and Neil Richie are leading 23 others in two campaigns, one at Njiro and the other at Kwa Mrombo. 

A lot of “pre-campaign” effort has gone into making these campaigns as effective as possible. In just the pre-campaign efforts there have already been eleven souls added to the Kingdom, nine of those from Kwa Mrombo. Today in worship at Kwa Mrombo there were 21 souls present for worship, 100% of all the new converts present! God is so good!

Today  all our visitors from AL/GA worshiped at Arusha, a grand day of worship it was. After services Elly was making the announcements. As I listened I was once again reminded of the good and of the influence the Arusha congregation is having in the country of Tanzania. 

Today From Arusha: Isaac and his wife Makunde went to Kwa Mrombo. They have both helped in evangelistic effort for this work and have led many to the Lord. Desdery Massawe has traveled to Bukoba to preach a meeting for their campaign. Anthony Freedo and his family worshiped with the Njiro congregation. They have been working with this young Church helping them grow in the Lord. Others could be mentioned, but space does not allow. Suffice it to say, God is doing good things through His children at Arusha. 

Two souls added to the Church this week, our new sister, Loveness and our new brother Jonah. Please remember them in your prayers this week as they begin their new lives in Christ.

We solicit your prayers for all our campaigners and for open doors and open hearts. We thank you and we pray God will bless you that you might continue blessing others. Until next time, may our God be with us all as we faithfully serve. 

In Him, Cy, Stephanie and Exel

Posted on June 5, 2011 .