One Powerful Example...

Dear Supporters, Family and Friends,

Wow, another Sunday is here. We've just finished eating burritos for lunch and are working on preparing vegetable soup and potato soup for 35 people. We're very excited that the Hoover (AL) group arrived Friday night and will be working in the Kwa Mrombo area where the church was established last year. Our nephew, Steven, visitor Penny Cabler and several Tanzanians have already "set the stage" conducting Bible studies these past two weeks (resulting several baptisms!). Penny, a third-time visitor, studied with new Christian Agness, helping her to understand the importance of worship and other basic principles. Because of the study, Agness agreed to start coming to worship (even though it is against culture because her baby is not yet 3 months old) and was there today. Penny also studied with Momma Michael's two daughters, Einote and Betha.

Steven preached a most excellent sermon on 2 Cor. 5:17 concerning our newness in Christ and how to get into Christ. We were thrilled that he spoke on these topics due to new Christians being in the audience and several visitors. It was also a good reminder to us older Christians that we are to "put off our old self." The church needs more preachers like Steven who can preach the truth with such clarity.

J.W. (Jimmy's father) has been a huge help to us repairing everything from water pipes to the kitchen sink (literally). He did not solicit funds from churches to do evangelism but came to accompany Steven on the long trip, to help us with many projects and visit with grandkids. But, in helping us, we feel that he is definitely contributing to the spread of the Gospel. Tanzanians have been impressed with his work ethic (a good example is a mighty good sermon!).

We were finally able to study with Agatha again! Our study went great as we read Scriptures about the church for which Christ died and established. She is understanding more and beginning to "see the light." We wanted to study every day this week but, due to her business, it will probably only be 4 days.

To all who prayed for Helen this week, we owe a huge debt of gratitude. Many wrote to assure me they were praying. Thank you so very much! She, her brother and another relative made it safely to Dar es Salaam. However, when she arrived at the hospital (Ocean Road) they refused her admittance because the hospital in Arusha did not send all the proper documentation for her transfer! Seems to us, they could've called and spoke to the proper personnel to get the specific information they needed. So, she was required to go to another hospital (her 5th in about 3 weeks) to be subjected to the tests again. Helen was discharged (staying with relatives in Dar) for two weeks until test results return.

Initially, we were disappointed that more time will be wasted (while she waits for results) before treatment can begin. However, we know that God heard our prayers! Perhaps, this two-week period will provide enough time for her to learn the Gospel BEFORE her treatment begins. As we get information on the status of her Bible study, we will report it. Please keep praying. Two of her children attended Bible class and worship and Steven studied with her husband this past week.

Would you love to teach God's Word to someone eager to learn? Opportunities abound in Tanzania where "the fields are white unto harvest" and you can wear yourself out in God's service! The rewards are great! Thank you for your continued support and prayers! 

In Christian Love,
The Jimmy Gee family

Posted on June 5, 2011 .