Charges Acquitted In Honduras...

Thanks, brother, for your concern and for all the brethren who have been praying for me. I give thanks to God that I presented myself to the court and the charges of “kidnapping” that had been against me were removed because brother Nasario appeared and was to withdraw the complaint. But, I am very disappointed that brother Nasario, since he is influenced by his mother and declared that, in effect, my brother and I kidnapped him with firearms and threatened him that we were going to kill him. The judge did not believe them, their version “lies” and for lack of sufficient elements of merit to adjudicate any responsibility they closed the case. I have in my power a copy of the dismissal; when you come you will be able to read it. In my neighborhood all the persons believe my brother Jairo and I are kidnappers, especially the sectarians with those we have studied the Bible.

We always continue with the selection of future students. Today I have the visit of brother Cesar and we are discussing when we could go to Olancho to confirm the spirit of the students, but he commented to me that the son of brother Enrique of Catacamas, who is our contact, was shot. A group of drug dealers clashed in a shootout, and the son of our brother was walking to his house when the shooting happened resulting in his injury, but it was not serious. For that reason we decided to postpone our trip until the second week of June.

We have a new prospect by the name of Cristobal. He is single and is very excited to study. I sent the money to brother Enrique, and he said that this week he is to move his family. I, for the moment, continue living in the church building. The rainy season has begun and I have to be watchful for the small river or creek since the infrastructure of the building can be seen to be at risk.

Pray that the building is capable of supporting this winter.


Posted on June 5, 2011 .