Persecution Strenthens Students In Cambodia...

Happy Khmer new year

It’s actually done for a few days ago for Khmer New year which took place on 14-16 of April 2011.

During the Khmer New year, students were allowed to take a rest for about two weeks as a public holiday in Cambodia. During that time we all went to visit family and friends. Most of the people in Cambodia go to pagoda to worship their gods and to pray to their ancestors, but we as Christian not to practice as they do.

Of course while we were at home with families and friends who are not Christian, we faced different things such as friends tempting us to drink with them and families persecuting us when we not go to worship the statues with them.

After we all came back from holiday, students and staffs were allowed to speak for ten minutes of what they experienced of temptations and persecutions. By doing this it helped us to grow and learn how to deal with those who want to tempt us and persecute us.

We as the church also struggle with some denominations when we tried to preach the word of God to people around the church building. Most of the people asked us what will we gain after we study and worship with you? And when we said you will gain the word of salvation and also through the word of God will help you to live in a better life. Then they said, “oh! I thought you will give us something such as materials and money, because there is one of the denominations which is not very far from us they like to give things to people who come to join them.

The church in different areas around Siem Reap is doing alright and we keep doing evangelism. Even some denominations they have lots of funds, but that will not hurt us at all because we know that they want only the number of people, but they don’t care about the truth.

School came back to our fourth quarter. Things are doing ok.

In addition, Cambodia now has a fight again with Thailand. Please join with us in prayer for both countries to be reconciled. 

In His service

Posted on April 24, 2011 .