More Great News In Guatemala...

We hope and pray that this message finds you enjoying good health.  

Last year, as many of you know, was not such a good year for us at Linda Vista. We had our share of difficulties and struggles and Satan really had a heyday with us. Thanks be to God that in the first quarter of this year we are already seeing great things happen that seem to indicate that 2011 is going to be a much brighter year!    

Sunday was another special day for us, first, because we were able to assemble with the church to worship God together and to learn more from God’s word. Byron preached a sermon from the book of Ephesians reminding us that Christians: 1) live in the present, serving God to our fullest; 2) do not live in the past, but at the same time do not forget where we were; and 3) look forward to our future home in heaven with God Almighty. After the sermon, several people responded to the invitation. Several asked for prayers—prayers of forgiveness, prayers asking for strength, and prayers of thanksgiving.  

Also, among those who came forward was Rosa Maribel Lopez, wishing to become a Christian. Her brother-in-law, Carlos Ramirez, came forward with her, expressing on her behalf her desire to obey the Gospel, and at the same time asking the church to forgive him for the poor example he had been to his family and to the church. Rogelio and Cristobalina Calderon have been visiting Carlos and his family, and Rosa has been present during these visits. As a result, Rosa made the decision to become a child of God. It was only appropriate, therefore, for Rogelio to have the honor of taking Rosa’s confession and immersing her for the forgiveness of her sins, as the Bible commands. We all rejoice with Rosa as she begins her new walk with the Lord. Please pray for her so that she may grow in her faith and become a great servant of the Lord! 

And, on Sunday evening, after Maclovio Calderon preached a sermon concerning the Prodigal Son in Luke 15, Enma Garcia came forward asking to be restored. A few days ago, Enma’s sisters, Maritza and Lorena, asked for prayers for Enma’s husband, who had been in an accident and had lost his right leg. They were hoping this incident would cause those in the family that are not faithful to react in penitence before the Lord. Thankfully, Enma has responded correctly to this sad situation by seeking to restore her relationship to the Lord and His help in time of need. Please pray for Enma, her husband, and 

all the Garcia family.  

For the Master,   



Posted on April 19, 2011 .