Studies Grow in Tanzania...

Dear Supporters, Family and Friends,
We hope you had a great Sunday! Chapter 11 was the focus of study in Genesis class and the topics discussed were "Pride" and "Working Together". Next week we will continue discussing chapter 11 in order to learn about "Including God in Your Plans." Before our actual lesson, Trina told the story about the six blind men who examined different parts of the elephant and all came up with six different ideas. This story was used to illustrate that the Bible must be viewed in its' entirety to understand the complete truth of the nature of God, the way of Salvation, etc.
Faustin, an ASCOP student, taught the Bible class concerning the pressing need to train young men to become elders. Ahimidiwe (A-HE-ME-DEE-WAY), the preacher of the Kisongo congregation, taught a powerful lesson entitled, "Are You Lame in the Faith?"
Jimmy met with new Christians, Lembris and Rosemary, on Saturday to have a "Question and Answer" session on any Bible subject. The questions asked involved I Cor. 15 (the resurrection of Christ), Moses and John the Baptist. Rosemary is more faithful in her attendance than many of our older (in the faith) Christians.
Hosea 4:6 states, "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge..." Last Thursday, Trina's study with Agatha was somewhat of a history lesson concerning the beginning of the Catholic church and information about Martin Luther. She was interested in what secular history had to say. In Tanzania, there are few libraries and FEW books written in Swahili concerning world history, medicine, science, etc. Tanzanians are at a huge disadvantage in that so much information is simply not available (unless they understand the English language and have internet access). Many here do not know basic medical information that is common knowledge to us. It is difficult for Americans (to whom knowledge is as accessible as ever on almost any subject) to imagine that others in foreign lands are deprived of knowledge. Trina brought a history book to show her that she wasn't making things up (not that you can believe everything that's written in a book). We had a great study and our next study will center on the Church of the Bible.
The Galatians class on Wednesday night was well attended. Afterwards, we discussed planning a baby shower for Agness and her new little boy, Joshua. At the Gee's house, this coming Saturday, the Kisongo ladies will celebrate his arrival. Trina plans to include a short lesson on "Motherhood."
Yesterday, we celebrated our youngest daughter's (Naomi) 5th birthday. It was a small party, having only invited two sets of children. One set (our guards' little girls ages 1 and 3) showed up with their mother an hour and a half late. "No hurry in Africa" we always say, but I felt badly because they missed the activities. Thankfully there was a little cake left to send home with them.
Thanks to Mike Reese for teaching a short course in the ACSOP. After doing so he went to Ahono, Kenya for a week to hold the first annual Kenya Christian Camp. He took several members from here to help with the camp. There were over 200 in attendance and 25 baptisms. Hopefully, he will come back next year with some of his family to do the same thing. We appreciate his great work. He is a great teacher and it is obvious that he loves spreading the word.
Our deepest thanks to you who are loyal to the TZ 2000 mission work and sincerely care about the lost souls in Tanzania. Thank you for your love and prayers for the greatest work on earth...sowing the seed of the Kingdom.
Love in Christ,
The Jimmy Gee family
Posted on April 24, 2011 .