While We Were Sleeping...

The reports each week continue to overwhelm me with the true magnitude of the Extension work. At times, it is difficult for me to wrap my mind around the growth in the Lord’s church on the other side of the world. Personally, it is easy to view the church only from the small corner where I live and attend.

However, while we are sleeping each night, souls are being added to the Lord’s kingdom in Tanzania, Cameroon, Ukraine, Cambodia, Nigeria, Nepal, and other locations. As I read the reports, it reminds me of how great our God is and the work He makes happen, even when I am unaware. 

While we are sleeping, men continue diligently in their studies to prepare themselves to serve in the Lord’s kingdom, preaching and teaching the gospel of Jesus. They understand the value of each soul.

While we are sleeping, new congregations are being planted as God’s word is taught in at least 11 different languages. These students teach the gospel in their own language to their own people and the kingdom of God grows.

While we are sleeping, the sun shines on another part of the world, opening new doors of opportunity to share hope. While we are sleeping, The Son is changing lives around the world. Read more below. 

Coordinator Updates

Reports from the coordinators are now located on the website, under Staff Reports. The address is /extension-schools/

Howell and Mary Ferguson are now in Gorlovka, Ukraine. They will be working with the school over the next few months. Please pray for them.

Donnie Bates is teaching a short course at ITL in Guatemala. You can read more about his work in Donnie’s report.

Gary Fallis recently returned from teaching in Nepal and India. His report shares his thoughts and those of others in the work. 

Extension Reports

Growth And Planting A New Congregation In Cameroon: Brother Elangwe is actively training men to do the work. His report shares a piece of the efforts being made in the Lord's Kingdom.

God's Increase To Chimala Evangelism: The news in Chimala is awesome. The students are reaching many lives with the gospel.

Nepali Campaign: The Nepal Center for Biblical Studies is ready for their first major campaign. Read Gajendra's report to learn more about the school's efforts.

Hard Work, Sacrifice, Weddings... Just Cambodia: Phanat shares the news of growth from the sacrificial efforts of the men serving in Cambodia. 

Nigerian Growth Through Suffering: Reuben shares insight to the struggles often faced in the work and the growth that results.

Cold Weather, Baptisms and Birthdays: The news in Ukraine continues to show the determination on the part of the staff and students at BVBIU to prepare themselves for the Lord's work.

The Joy Of Growth... God Is Blessing Tanzania: Cy Stafford shares the news of growth in the Lord's church in Tanzania.

The Power Of Love: Jimmy Gee's weekly report gives us a glimpse of love's power to touch the lives of so many around the world.

Final Thoughts

What a way to begin each week. I know it takes time to read through all of the reports. However, when I am finished reading them, I am rejuvenated with the importance and necessity of the Extension Program.

I thank God everyday for the opportunity He has provided me. Sharing in the work with the incredible men and women who make such great sacrifices to help others know Christ, is humbling.

I also thank God everyday for each of you who have also made the financial sacrifices to help keep this work moving forward. With the economic downturns we are experiencing in this country, you always find a way to come through. Thank you! Keep praying. God is answering in awesome ways.

Make a great day.
God bless

Posted on March 7, 2011 .