March 5, 2011 - Guatemala City

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Good evening from Guatemala City.  I just wanted to send a quick note to say that I have arrived without (much) drama and am ready for a week of study with the men and women of the Latin American Theological Institute (ITL).  Our flight down was uneventful once we were finally able to take off.  First, we had to wait on 19 passengers coming in on another flight, but that was only 10 mintues, so it wasn't too bad.  However, once we had taxied away from the terminal, we waited another 40 minutes before we could take off.  The pilot explained that there were 20 planes ahead of us waiting to take off.  When it was our turn, I counted 17 behind us in line.  Busy day at the airport!  Anyway, we are here safe and sound and were able to get some rest this afternoon.  Tomorrow is worship and then class starts Monday.

Thanks for your prayers and God bless,

Donnie Bates

Posted on March 5, 2011 .