Nigerian Growth Through Suffering...


Students go out every weekend and come back with good news.

I met well with brother Douglas at Ibadan on 15th February 2011. There I was given an opportunity to speak during a seminar organized by one new church the next day, 16th February 2011. I spoke after brother Douglas' speech and our Lord added one soul to the church. It was interesting. Douglas is really good. He payed for my trips to Ibadan and back home. He even supported my leadership seminars financially and gave me a carton of complete small bibles for my new converts. He welcomed me graciously, received my reports and demonstrated fatherly love. I think he should have gone back to the States today.

When I came back from Ibadan, instead of going to the new church, I went to the church at Ameata-Ozizza (the church that a preacher messed up) with four strong youths. Our ministerial students visit this area on weekend. It was amazing to the youths. The youths saw what I and some ministerial students have been suffering to reach lost souls. They were touched and were persuaded to confess that they will be glad to be going out with me. Beloved, I was really glad and encouraged to receive the reactions of the youths last Sunday and hope to achieve my target of persuading the young men to love the profession of preaching and working for God. Continue to pray for that. However, it cost me much to go out with them such far. Many of them were fainting in hunger. They have to be fed including myself and fueling. Worship there was fantastic and brethren at Amaeta were highly encouraged with the efforts of bringing young men to such a far country, knowing what it means to visit that area.

For my family, the CSMT church and CSMT everything is okay. I only had a little breakdown after the far journey to Ibadan but I got well on Saturday to start work on Sunday. My family is still looking onto God for His blessing of baby from now. Please pray for my wife's safe delivery this month or next. 

We made it out to the new church today. Our consistent efforts are to solidify the faith of the new converts including the converted Pastor. It may be very dangerous to convert and fail to do a reasonable work on their faith. The efforts are yielding much fruits. Today, we had ONE BAPTISM and the new church called us back to the place of worship to entertain us after the baptism. That was the first time since we have been going out for missionary work.

Most interestingly, my first son who is about five years old went with us and demonstrated the spirit of a missionary to be. I was personally glad for him because that is what I am praying for, willing son(s) to take my place in the gospel ministry when I am no more. Even last Sunday, he went out with us for a missionary trip to Uburu Ohaozara Church of Christ- about 3 hours journey from Abakaliki. Join me to pray that God will hear my prayers for the willingness of my son(s) to continue the gospel work I do.

My car is becoming very old that it always keeps us stranded on the way almost every time because of one fault or the other. The car has served me in the work for six good years. It goes to any interior part of the Ebonyi state and beyond. I pray that God will help me to replace it with new one for His work. Help me to pray as I make personal arrangements.

Continue to pray for the work. The Lord is wonderfully great with what we try to do for Him in our areas. We pray that the supporters of His work should be highly recognized by Him. Let all that supporters who secretly support God's work be rewarded openly by God in Jesus name, Amen.

Reuben in His Service. 

Posted on March 5, 2011 .