50 Years Of The Lord's Church...

This year marks the 50th year (Golden Jubilee) of the church of Christ in Ghana. Several lectureships, conferences, seminars have been scheduled by various congregations and schools throughout the year to educate and motivate brethren to remain faithful to Christ and His doctrines as pertains to the church, salvation, Christian living, evangelism and unity among brethren. 

Many have come into the church who know nothing about the restoration. They see the church as just one of the denominations. A lot of education needs to be done.  Since there are only a few of us from the early days, the mantle falls on us to do most of the teaching and seminars. I have had only three weekends to spend at home this year. For now I have all of my weekends in April taken through the second weekend of May.  There is a documentation committee set up by the Bomso church in Kumasi I am working on.  The aim is to collect and put together the bits and pieces of information we can get --written, vocal, visual to help write the history of the church in Ghana. 

Please, extend my regards to great brethren at Bear Valley. May God continue bless your efforts as you fulfil your mission to train preachers.

Thank you and bye for now.


Posted on March 21, 2011 .