Public Radio Proves Successful...

By the grace of the Lord, activities at the Tamale Institute of Biblical Studies are ongoing and the entire brethren here in Tamale are grateful to all who are involved in making this successful. This has been the general expression of all who visit the Institute.

Women from the two congregations paid a visit to the Institute to encourage the Students. During the visit, they presented some soap and food items to the students. The women interacted with the students to know their needs and promised to do their best to offer their widow's mite. Receiving the items on behalf of the students, the dean of students, brother Daniel Agyei Mensah, thanked the women and urged them to continue with the good works. 

Another event during this reporting period was the visit of Steven Ashcraft. This was his maiden visit to the Institute as the Coordinator for Bear Valley Bible Institute. The local Board of Directors took advantage of his presence to discuss new guidelines for the smooth running of the Institute. This included streamlining of many administrative functions for the school. Prominent among the guidelines is a doctrinal position statement for the Institute. This is a document indicating the stance of the Institute on various doctrinal issues. This document is to be sent to all Instructors to read, and if in agreement with the contents, sign and return the document to the Institute. 

By the grace of God and the financial support from brethren in America, the Tamale Institute of Biblical Studies plans to soon be accommodated in this new structure. Currently, an order has been made for the supply of roofing sheets. Additional funds need to be raised for plastering, painting, and other finishing touches. It is hoped that the second batch of students would be accommodated in this structure. 

With this in place, brethren in and around Tamale would be blessed with a facility to enhance their knowledge in the scripture. Several programs would be designed not only for preachers but the youth, women, and leaders of the various congregations and even the general public.

Steadily teaching and learning is going on. All instructors scheduled for the quarter have honored their invitation except one whose topic was taught by the local Instructors. Daniel Kyereh Mensah from Sunyani taught I,II, and III John, Joshua Aidoo from West Coast School of Preaching – Takoradi, taught Church History and local instructors handled the Books of Job and Ecclesiastes while presently, brother Gyan – Kesse is taking them through the topic: The Church, Beginning, Apostasy, Reformation and Restoration. The students are coping up with the studies and there is all indication that the vast knowledge acquired will impact greatly on the growth of the congregations in the three northern regions of Ghana. The Institute needs a photo-copier to cut down the cost of photocopying from the public printing houses.

Brother Mensah on the radio programThe Church of Christ in Tamale in collaboration with the Tamale Institute of Biblical Studies have embarked on preaching on Public FM Radio on every Friday from 7:00 pm to 7:30 pm. This activity has caught the interest of the public. It has increased the number of Bible prospects and it is hoped that  most of those who study with brethren, by the grace of God, will become Christians. In order to do this activity at a very minimal cost and continuously, the Institute and Church in Tamale seek for our own private FM Radio Transmitter and appeal to all who can assist to support this Godly activity.  Souls must be won for Christ. Radio and Television broadcast has become the most popular and most far reaching means of propagating the gospel and with our own equipment in place, it would be an enhancement to the spreading of the gospel. All who are interested in supporting should contact the coordinator.

The congregations in Tamale have for some time now enjoyed powerful sermons and great teachings from Brother Gyan-Kesse preaching at Tamale Eastvisiting instructors. The most recent is brother Gyan- Kesse who spoke on the topic- The Need to Maintain the Identity of the Church. In his presentatation a lot was learned. He explained that the Church had an identity of growth and urged all to take preaching of the gospel seriously since that is a means of attaining the promise of God. The Institute is poised to bring about a positive growth in the congregations and therefore will continue to share the knowledge and wisdom of the visiting instructors with the congregations.

Plans are being made for the graduation of the first batch of 15 students. This activity is tied to the Institutes annual seminar starting from June 23rd 2011 to  June 26th 2011. It is expected that all stakeholders would attend to grace this great day and wish to invite all who have the Lords work at heart to attend and support the Institute. 

Joseph Baah
Tamale Institute of Biblical Studies

Posted on March 21, 2011 .