Persecution Continues Of David Wama...

Students activities 
For several years, it has been my dream to plant a vibrant and growing church in Kpalime to win the Kloto Region for Christ. After the church was planted, I saw the need to add a preacher training school that will produce qualified preachers to manage the affairs of congregations that would be planted. The first graduates of the Center for Biblical Studies were only three men who had come from the denominational churches to study the Bible. They were converted, and today they work with the Church of Christ.

Selom – works with the Nyiveme Church of Christ 

Jean – works with the newly planted church at Hanyigba Duga 

Gabriel – works with the church Church of Christ at Notse Kpota. 

In 2009, twelve students also started a two year program at CBS. Today, 9 of them have remained and are looking forward to their graduation in June, 2011.

As part of the program at CBS, students are assigned to congregations in the villages where they work during the weekends – teaching and preaching.

Kossi – works with Kpele Beme congregation on weekends.  This congregation has a membership of 12 and presently has 4 prospects he is studying with. A public preaching is scheduled for April 22-24 in Beme. 

David Wama- Works with the Kpadape church of Christ. This congregation came out of a denomination in Kpadape. It has a membership of 12. He is still studying with members of the denomination he came out of. 

Clement – currently assists David at Kpadape as he prepares the ground in his village for the establishment of the church. He lives in a village called Aveho- Tugbli. He is engaged in a serious evangelism , meeting with a group on weekly basis. Public preaching will soon be organized in the village. 

Senyo Folli- He works with the Kloh church of Christ with a membership of 22. He is currently studying with 7 regular visitors. This congregation also came out of a denomination. 

Abraham – Preaches for the Avekpo church of Christ. The congregation has a membership of 16 but is blessed with about 9 visitors each Sunday. Personal work is seriously going on now. 

Messan- Works with the Nyiveme Church of Christ home of CBS. This congregation has a membership of 35 with some visitors each Sunday as a result of the radio program. Messan plans to plant  a congregation in a Kousuntu a town near Kpalime.   

Kokou Toulassi- is a son of a preacher who passed away about 4 years ago. He works with the Detideke church of Christ near Kpalime. This congregation has a membership of 25.  Toulassi is involved in outreach in the surrounding villages. 

Joseph and Yawo Akogo both worship with the church in Kloh. 

Campaign For Christ At Hanyigba, Duga 
Jean Akli, with support from CBS, organized a two day public preaching in Hanyigba Duga. Date 18th -19th February 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm each night. 85 persons were present on the 18th and 120 present on the 19th. As a result of the campaign, two people from the village came to visit the church. 

The first preachers’ wives seminar was organized at the Nyiveme church of Christ. The seminar brought together ten (10) women. The theme was, “Preachers wive’s co-laborers in the Lord.”  

Topics included: 
1. Contributions of women in the development of the church
2. Women in evangelism 
3. Women’s education in the church
4. Women’s responsibility in the home
5. The role of women in the church 

The resource persons were: 
1. Gabriel 
2. Selom 
3. Rodriguez 
4. Jean Akli 

The Nyiveme Church in Kpalime this month is studying benefits of being a Christian at the Sunday morning bible class. There is also a special evening class for the women each Sunday evening at 3:00 pm. They are studying personal evangelism. This class is preparing the women for the Tuesday morning personal work in Kpalime. 

The church is studying “True Worship” in the mid week class. The goal of this class is to help people read the bible in the local dialect – Ewe. The church is using. The Hanyigba Church of Christ is organizing Ewe language class for 21 non -members in the village. This approach is to evangelize the lost by using the Bible as the text book for the class. 

Radio Program 
The world radio sponsored program aired from Radio Planet in Kpalime is making so much impact. Several calls are received each month inviting the speaker to plant the church of Christ in their village. Listeners are receiving directions to the meeting places in their localities. Some listeners are also calling to make enquiries about Centre For Biblical Studies (CBS). 

Nyiveme Congregation Needs A Larger Place Of Worship
The Nyiveme church in Kpalime is outgrowing it current place of worship. The attendance is over 35 on Sundays and this is making it extremely uncomfortable for the church. The leadership is considering erecting a shed on the premises that will take not less than 60 worshippers. As soon as the estimate for the construction is complete we shall let you know.  

1. Lap top for Cephas- principal of CBS 
2. Digital Camera  

Sad News: Preacher before the law 
Just as I was preparing to send this report, I got a call from Cephas the principal of CBS in Kpalime. The statement was short: David Wama was taken to court yesterday and the judge remanded him in police cell till he pays his former employer five hundred thousand CFA). The treasurer and the secretary of his former church were at the court to prove that the funds realized through church collection was used by the church under the care of David Wama when he was the preacher, and that he did not use the funds on himself. 

I understand the judge refused to verify what the men were saying. He ordered that David be placed in police cell till at least half of the money is paid and arrangement made for the payment of the rest. (NOTE: The amount of money needed in full, has been provided for David to be released from jail.)

Brethren, this is another attempt by his former boss to frustrate him since he took some members with him to start the Church of Christ. It is my humble appeal that we help David out of this trouble- this is modern day persecution.  

Serving Him,

(NOTE: The money has been raised and provided to get David released from jail. Please continue to remember him in prayer)

Posted on March 21, 2011 .