The Church Storms A City In Nigeria...

We thank God today. One Pastor of a denomination heard the gospel through our radio program and stumbled at the gospel tracts of the mission printing distributed during burial ceremony some where at Ikwo side of Ebonyi state. There he traced the church and eventually got baptized into Christ instead of a denomination.

When this information was revealed during our meeting with the Preachers in Ebonyi State yesterday, some brethren(3) and I agreed and decided to visit the Pastor's church. A brother handled moderation and Songs while I handled Sunday school, Sermon, Giving and communion. It is good to hear that all the members (Nine-9) present today were baptized into Christ. That excludes the Pastor who was baptized before today.

I am glad to state that the Lord's church has increased by one today in Ebonyi State. My team and I shall visit again next Sunday to follow up the work. Arrangements to train the Pastor in the Truth as he desires and to build up the church are going to be the collective efforts of the churches of Christ around that area of Ebonyi State. The Pastor and the new church including the entire community need our prayers. We wish to storm the city with the gospel as the door has been opened.

Reuben in His Service.

Posted on February 7, 2011 .