CBIW Recognition...

Dearest in Christ,

The students of CBIW records another baptism in Wotutu as the sister you see came for visit but was introduced the gospel and she embraced the gospel and was baptized.

It is another opportunity for us in CBIW to say hello and God’s blessings to you and your family .We strongly believe you are doing well in all that you do. Your family here in CBIW is doing great and we keep appreciating God for all that He is helping us through you to realize here.

The news in CBIW is making us to be happy daily. All the programs for the week including extra curricular activities went on well like the launching of the NATIONAL YOUTH DAY CELEBRATION In Cameroon was good and the students took part, they have been chosen to be part of the choral singing and match pass to commemorate the reunification and achievements in our country. CBIW is the only higher institution in our community and the only Bible training college, thus making headline news in the government.

The news from student’s performance for the first test is really great; we pray they continue in that manner for these two years of studies.

The students are doing well in health and other wise, they are developing as the weeks are unfolding, we are happy about their developments and we pray God help them through.

This week we had a number of visitors to visit the students. Unbelievers will pass around as they go to their farms, some will return with ripe bananas and fruits to help these young preachers.

Another happy moment took place on our campus as a sister came to visit the students and brought them food. She arrived our campus at exactly 3:09 with a flask of plantains and vegetable for the students. Many Cameroonians are excited about this training in Wotutu. That is why even though with hardship some still sacrifice time to come and encourage our students in any way. More will be seen when they will become mobile for evangelism in different congregations all over the country.

Shows the students this Sunday 6/2/11 eating one of Cameroonian dish call CORN CHAFFA sister traveled 75 kilometers away to visit the students in Wotutu and she brought food for them. You can see some of them raising their right tomb up which is one of our ideologies that  WE ARE NOT ALONE. They enjoyed and offer special prayers to the sister for her safe return. She will pass the night with the director’s family and continue her journey tomorrow.



The students will travel again out for another campaign to church of Christ Munyenge some 57 kilometers away from Wotutu. They are invited again for Bible lectureships, house to house evangelism for 3 days. Please commit them in your prayers for safety and success of that campaign.

Remember the students as they will start writing long courses exams for this first semester on the 24/2/11. The short  courses lecturers from the US will come and continue for two weeks and the first semester will draw to an  end. The students go for mission work to different congregations as for one week and the travel to their homes for one week for vacation. They will return on the 4th of April for the second semester.


We appreciate God daily for the wonderful work He is doing for us here in CBIW. Both the staff, students and Wotutu congregation are doing great.

We thank you for your prayers and support to keep this vehicle (CBIW) which is a strong tool of evangelism moving. We pray that God continue His blessings in your life, that of the church where you worship and your family in Jesus name. AMEN.

We are still in need of materials for students research like BIBLE COMMENTARIES, ENCYCLOPEDIAS AND OTHER BOOKS TO HELP ALL OF US HERE.

Stay bless till next time. God directs you to the best directions.

Elangwe Esowe Greg

By His grace director CBIW  

Posted on February 7, 2011 .