Planting the Seed in Arusha...

Greetings Fellow Workers:

Stephanie and I thank you, for your continued prayers, words of kindness and concerns, and for your continued support of the TZ2000 mission work. We are indeed blessed beyond measure and are thankful for being part of God’s family. 

I am currently in Ft. Word, iced in! I will be heading back to OK this weekend, sharing God’s mission effort in TZ with others. From there I will head to TN for the Freed lectureship, then back to Hattiesburg to meet with the KW Elders, then on to Warner Robins, GA, then to Hoover, back to Hattiesburg and then fly out on the 22nd for TZ. 

Much of my travels this year have been without Stephanie, who is staying with her mother as she recovers from her accident and who is to have surgery again next week. Please remember them both in your prayers.

Below are three short reports from three of our graduates. I thought you would enjoy, be lifted up and see yet again the power of the Gospel in able bodied, trained evangelists!

“Hello brother Cy

It is our hope that you and your family are doing good back to us we are doing good we traveled through Longido to Engarenabro we did evengelism  five souls obeyed the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ in Ngarenabro in Longido there is classes which is going on even in Ngarenabro we have people who are very close to be baptize in kioga we are doing good classes are going on also we are trying to restore the backsliders.....yours in Christ.  


Need: Communion Trays - Bibles 500 @ $5 = $2,500

These are the reports I received from Benard and Charles of their work during the year 2010.


1. I conducted 9 Seminars.
2. 7 Gospel meetings.
3. 3 preachers Bible Classes.
4. 2 New planted churches.
5. 16 Restorations.
6. 21 Baptisms.
7. 14 school visitations.


42 - baptisms

17 - Restorations

2  - Churches planted

6 - Gospel meetings

3 - churches restored to N.T doctrine”

I close with two challenges: 

  1. Communion Trays (at least 12 sets)
  2. 500 Bibles (English and Ki-Swahili)

We need some communion trays for some of the new Church plants. If you have used ones or would like to purchase new ones, let me know and I will send you a mailing address to send them to. 

If you would like to purchase Bibles please send the funds to Kensington Woods to be transferred to TZ, with a short note for the purpose of the donation. 

We thank you all and pray God’s richest blessing be upon you in the coming year as you serve Him faithfully. 

In Him, Cy & Stephanie

To our Supporters, Family, and Friends, 

We are very happy and appreciative that Chad Wagner and his father, John Wagner, came here on short notice, answering the "Macedonian Call" when one of our teachers was unable to make the long trip.  Chad will be teaching Advanced Biblical Exegesis and Church History at the ACSOP and John, an electrician, will be busy working as a handy-man with Elly (our building and maintenance supervisor for TZ 2000).

Emmanuel Mwizerwa, a graduate student, preached on the topic of brotherly love this morning at Kisongo.  Trena’s Genesis class studied the first half of chapter six.  The subjects we discussed were (1) the all-seeing eye of God, vs. 5 (2) walking with God, vs. 9 and (3) God's deliverance of the righteous.

On Friday, Trena studied with new converts, Katherine and Therasia concerning "How Do We Know the Bible is From God?"  These very attentive ladies were almost "sitting on the edge of their seats" and hanging on every word.  They asked good questions, one being, "Are there any other 'Bibles' out there that God has written?"  It is a real joy to teach people who are so interested. Katherine's friend, Agnes, joined us about half-way through.  She is not a Christian yet, so we agreed to also study separately with her Saturday evening. 

On Saturday, a total of fourteen ladies attended the monthly 2-hour Child-Training class.  Trena was very encouraged by the attendance and by the fact that four ladies arrived early.  The remainder showed up only 15 minutes later (big improvement).  Laughing and learning at the same time, we used a large Pooh Bear as the "mtoto" (child) being trained.  The goal is to lay a foundation of biblical principles and show practical ways to train children to obey.

Our study with 23-year-old Agnes went well.  She and her husband "Burtwell" are expecting their first baby in April.  When she lived in Mbeya she attended the Lutheran church. She was asked several questions, one being "why do you want to study the Bible?"  She replied, "to find out more about God so I can follow Him."

For the past few months, a Catholic lady has "set up shop" up the hill from our house.  Bus loads of gullible people arrive at her place about twice weekly for prayer and for personal "blessings" ...all for a price, of course.  It's a great opportunity to hand out tracts and set up Bible studies with people coming and going who are searching for spiritual guidance.

Our deep appreciation is extended to you for your love, prayers, interest and support of this fruitful work.  It truly is a privilege to work on the TZ 2000 team and to live in Tanzania, East Africa.  Have a wonderful day! 

Because He Lives,

The Jimmy Gee family

Posted on February 6, 2011 .