Graduation Is Upon Us...

Master's students with instructor Gary FallisGreetings to you from Visakha Valley Bible College. The director of our school, my father, Samuel Raju sends his greetings to you. We are grateful to you brethren for all your efforts to evangelize the world especially India. We firmly believe the Bible School Program is one of the very effective tools to evangelize the world. 

Brother, by the grace of God and your prayers we are all doing fine, do hope you are doing well too. We thank you so much for your prayers. We are excited about the upcoming graduation.

On Graduation day, the program will be like this:  Program begins at 10:30 am. We shall have guest coming from the congregations in the city also the invitees of the graduates. Our honored guests will be from Bear Valley, those brethren will present diplomas and honor the students with medals.

Later we announce the outstanding students in 5 different categories.

1.      Scholar Award
2.      All Rounder student
3.      Singing Award
4.      Evangelism Award
5.      Improvement Award

We take the privilege to honor these students who performed their excellence in various fields during their two year school. They deserve this honor for their sacrifice to be 2 year regular students; several of them dedicated their time besides financial difficulties to manage their families. These would receive some kind of special gifts like a Bible Dictionary, Concordance, Amplified Bible etc., We have to present an appreciation certificate to the faculty of the school as well, you know they are part of this success.  This is our usual pattern of conducting the Graduation exercises.

New Batch Students: We are excited as the requests for enrollment into the next batch is coming in. All our current students are going recommend at least one student to the School. Which means we shall have another 16 or more students enrolling for the course. We shall have the admission test and interview on the last week of March. From the first week of April will shall begin teaching the regular classes to the freshers.

On the right is Brother Jerry bates teaching the Undergrad class.

Below and on the left are two pictures showing a recent baptism we had by one of our Master class student.

Invitation: We cordially invite you as our honorable guest to come and attend this very special occasion in the history of Church in Visakha area. Our school is the only one so far offering a 2 years (full-time) Preacher Training program in this area. It is certainly a great blessing for the Church in this area as well. It is the time to celebrate. We insist on your presence on this very special day.  16 graduates will be leaving school with a strong desire to carry out the gospel to the perishing people in their villages. Some of our students are already serving as preachers. It is the time to appreciate them and present them to the world that they are graduates of Visakha Valley Bible College, an extension school of BVBID.  We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.


Please convey our heartfelt gratitude to the Elders of Bear Valley Church of Christ. We pray that our Lord would bless them with many more years of Leadership.

Your brothers in Christ,

John Dean and Samuel Raju Muppidi

Posted on February 20, 2011 .