Rainy Days And Mondays, And The Studies Continue...

Dear Co-Laborers:

THREE BLIND MICE. Relax, I'm not telling anymore rat stories.  Just get the tune of "Three Blind Mice" in your head as you sing these lyrics:  "One tiny snake, one tiny snake, see how he slithers, see how he slithers.  Trina cut off his head with a butcher knife, threw him in the toilet and flushed him twice, one tiny snake, one tiny snake."  Trina is just as scared of snakes as the next "daughter of Eve" (example: Denise Rice) but she is more scared to let the little rascal live (I've heard that baby snakes can be even more dangerous than the adults).

SLIP SLIDING AWAY.  Shortly after we arrived at Agness' house (actually a one-room mud hut connected to many others) on Saturday, it came a downpour and we could hardly hear ourselves speak due to the rain hitting her tin roof. Seraphim was also there and joined us in our study about the Old Law and how Christ "nailed it to the cross."  Agnes had to look for the study booklet because she said her husband, Burtwell, had been reading it. We were glad to hear that and spoke to one of the men at church this morning about studying with Burtwell.  When Paulina (the translator), and Trina left to go to the next study, the words of Paul Simon echoed in our heads as we maneuvered the car on the muddy, slippery back roads.  

"PLEASE, don't tire of studying with me."  These words from Katherine win her the prize of being the most grateful person with whom we have studied so far.  She said she wants to learn as much as possible.  She's a wonderful mother who takes excellent care of her little infant son.  Therasia wasn't there for the study but most likely it was due to the rain.  To get to the study would require her to walk up and down a fairly steep hill with her baby on her back and it would be easy to fall. Paulina, was feeling sick (and had been feeling bad for several days) but continued to translate.  Many years ago, Paulina was involved in a terrible car wreck and was in bed for 6 months.  She suffered a crushed hip and had surgery on her arm.  As she lay in bed she made a promise to God, that if he would only let her walk again (doctors said she wouldn't) she would dedicate her life to serving him and teaching others.  Needless to say, she has kept her promise. 

CONTINUING HIS STUDY with Lembris and Rosemary, Jimmy taught them on Saturday morning concerning "The Need to Grow as Christians."  Lembris's worship attendance has been sporadic in the past few weeks.  This morning, after Jimmy's sermon, Lembris asked for forgiveness for the sin in his life.

WE ARE ENJOYING our visitors, Chad and John Wagner.  Mr. John seems to be fully recovered from his illness. Our daughter, Lindsey, said she really enjoyed taking Mr. Chad's short course on "Church History" because it was so interesting!  Both Chad and John have preached and taught classes both at Kisongo and Usa River these past couple of weeks. Abigail has been busy cooking for our guests. They leave on Monday to return home. Please pray for their safe travels. We are thankful they have been able to be with us.

MANY LADIES WERE more punctual than normal concerning their arrival at our Genesis class this morning.  Chapter 7 was our topic of study, focusing on the faith of Noah and his family to get into the ark when it wasn't raining.  The practical application for us is to have faith and obey God's commandments even when we can't see the reasoning.

MAY THE LORD BLESS and keep you as you serve Him "with all your heart, soul, strength and mind."

In Christian Love,

Jimmy Gee Family

Posted on February 20, 2011 .