New Dawn in Cameroon

Dearest in Christ,

It is amazing to see the dawn in 2011. It is wonderful for you and me to see another opportunity to serve the Lord this 2011 in a more vibrant way.

We got up with my entire family excited this morning singing praises to God as usual, but today was different because of the amount of excitement in us to see the dawn of a day that no one on earth has ever seen.

My young was also part of these excitements as he was speaking the children language as we sang. I am sure it is because he, too, can recognize another NEW DAWN. This new dawn is another opportunity for us to reflect back and see what we did in 2010 and what we planned to do but could not do it.

Oh, It is time for us to strengthen our relationships with those who could not understand us as we explain things, that resulted for us to part ways.

Above all God has given us another year to expand our visions and passions for His work. Let us move to areas of bareness of the gospel or to an area where the truth has been perverted by DENOMINATIONALISM. God has entrusted in our hands His wonderful words to give COURAGE TO THOSE DISCOURAGED, HOPE TO THE HOPELESS, STEPPING STONES TO THOSE WHO MOVE IN AREAS OF STUMBLING BLOCKS.

We shall do more for His glory this year. Let us position ourselves for Him to use us. Best of the year in Jesus name (Phi 2:10-11). His name will destroy all what will disturb the onward movement of His Work.

Elangwe and Magdalene, with all in their house, say Happy New Year in Jesus' great name.

Posted on January 2, 2011 .