A Stand For Truth... Persecution in Togo


CBS started in Kpalime, Togo in 2005 with 3 men from denominational churches. At the time it was difficult recruiting men from the church of Christ to be trained due to the fact that the young men did not express interest. It therefore became necessary to allow non-members to enroll. Selom, Gabriel and Jean enrolled in the two year program. Fortunately, the three men were convinced of the material they were studying.  

After six months, the three men decided to be baptized. These men continued on faithfully for the rest of the two years and graduated in May 2007. Today, these men are preaching the Gospel of Christ. 

CBS now has ten (10) students who were recruited for the two year’s course. After a several challenges, the Bear Valley Bible Institute stepped in to partner with CBS in the training of men. In order to encourage these men to be committed to their studies. The Gabriel Oaks church of Christ has taken on the monthly allowances of these men. CBS was also privileged to have Aaron Morrison contribute to the upkeep of the school. The school needs help in the area of evangelism and other outreach programs. 

The five new congregations in the Kpalime area are the result of the students teaching members of their congregations. I am glad to inform you that all the denominational preachers who enrolled have all been baptized. We need funds to continue to send men each week to teach these newly established congregations.  

The opportunities in the Kpalime abound, but the financial challenges are also enormous. We know we can count on you with a contribution of $20, $50 or $100 a month. We can reach many people and plant more congregations while strengthening the existing ones. With your contribution, we can provide these new congregations a place to worship. We look forward to hearing from you. With you as a partner, we can win the Kloto Region for Christ.  


David Wama was resident pastor for a denominational church in a village called Kpadafe, about 7 kilometres from Kpalime. He enrolled at CBS to pursue a two year study. He was working with a congregation with  a membership of 60. David after his conversion at the school decided to start preaching the truth to his congregants. This was the beginning of the problems with his boss. 

Through David knew the danger in the decision to convert his members, he went ahead anyway. He managed to baptize 16 members of the congregation. 

Last week the leadership sent a delegation to Kpadafe with a truck to convey David, his belongings and family back to Lome. The leaders of the church perceived that he was preaching error and that he had gone “mad”. The leadership therefore needed him in Lome for deliverance and healing because they strongly felt David’s behavior was as a result of the works of the devil. David has subsequently been asked to vacate the mission house and to make way for a new preacher transferred there to take over for him. I was informed last week that there was a need for David to move out immediately, so I advised that a place be rented for him.  

When I visited David in his new home, the wife had travelled with the kids for fear that there may be some sort of confrontation.

The landlord of David’s new place has also instructed that no religious activity should take place in his house, thus making the situation worse. 

Now, we plan to rent an auditorium in the village for the church to meet in. It was unfortunate that the church couldn’t meet on Sunday the 12th December due to the situation on the ground. David looked very shaky when I met him on Sunday morning before traveling to meet with the Kpalime church. We were not disturbed because we anticipated this action from his church leaders and  David felt it was ok to be “mad” for Christ. Brethren, we need your help to prepare for similar situations in the future, since we believe this is not going to be the last time hearing of such incidence.

Dear Bro Gley, 
Believing in your mission efforts to train men in Togo, I / we propose as the Lord enables, to send $...............each month through 2011 to support  this work. Enclosed you will find $.................... 

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Posted on January 2, 2011 .