First Year Success in Nepal


On January 3, 2011 we will begin our second year as a school for training church leaders.  While I could talk for hours about this exciting year, I want to briefly [hopefully] touch on a few of the major points that you should know about this first year.   The progress of our seven full-time students has been tremendously encouraging.  In this poor country of low literacy, where memorization is the educational standard, and accepting what your superior teaches without question, one of our goals was to help the students “learn how to learn”.  Certainly our primary goal was to have them learn TRUTH.  To see these two goals come together, to take shape and mature, and then to see the fruits that are being produced has been an answer to prayers.  Gajendra and I see this weekly as active teachers. 

When the students teach classes and preach at local congregations, when they return to their home town/village during a holiday, and when members come to the school for area wide fellowship meetings, the brothers and sisters are “blown away” [not a Nepali term] by what they hear and see in these students.  Men who have been preachers for many years are saying, “I want to learn how to preach sermons like these students give.”

Periodically we will invite church leaders from outside the Kathmandu area to join us for a week of special classes. They are given an assignment of scriptures to read and are expected to come with written notes and questions. The teaching is made clear and their understanding is re-enforced by discussion among the members and time for questions and answers. Each class is ended by discussing how these lessons can be taken back to their home congregations and immediately be taught and applied to bring growth to churches throughout Nepal.

The school has become a focal point for extra activities and classes. There is a monthly ladies class taught by Sunita, Gouri, Gita, and Judy [my wife]. These classes are continued in the local congregations during the weeks in between those at the school. We are seeing more desire and effort at the local congregation level. Beginning in January we will add a monthly men’s leadership meeting.

I will close with a few comments on one of our biggest, brightest, and most valuable assets. That is our Nepali Director, Gajendra Deshar. In his teaching, his example of servant leadership, his honest and accurate administrative and financial duties, his heart of love and fellowship, his relationship of friend and mentor with the students, and at all times his humility and dedication to God and His kingdom are constant lessons and inspirations to all who know him. Frequently he brings to my mind how our light should shine before men to bring glory to God [Matt 5:16]. I know he is a constant encouragement and inspiration for me. We would not ….. COULD NOT ….. have experienced this progress without Gajendra. 

Last September at the BVBID retreat we focused on Eph. 3:20.  As 2010 comes to an end, I can say that I have seen God’s unmatched power work through His servants to produce fruits “abundantly beyond all that we ask or think”. We have a long way to go. There is much more to accomplish. Because of the efforts of too many to name in America, joined with the work of many in Nepal, and blessed by the power of a gracious God, loving Savior, and guidance of the Holy Spirit, we have made a great start and are headed in the right direction. Please remember us in your prayers.

Happy and fruitful New Year …………… Jerry Golphenee

Posted on January 2, 2011 .