Productive Prison Ministry

Beloved Brethren,

It will interest you to know that CSMT has been able to roof her big blocks. I will send the pictures when the pictures are ready. The last floor ( very furnished) of the biggest blocks, where the ministerial students take their classes, was dedicated to God for His services last Sunday. It was an interesting service.

Prison ministry is on as we always take trips to reach the inmates with the gospel of Christ. We need Bibles for the inmates. We have enough tracts from the mission printing for them. Two of the inmates we converted, who are out of the prison yard, are in our constant contacts. Please pray for our efforts. The work is very demanding.

Greetings to all that contribute to the success of Bear Valley Extension programs in which CSMT, Abakaliki, Nigeria is one.

Reuben in His Service

Posted on November 29, 2010 .