One Ends And Another Begins


I just returned home from East Africa where, since August, I have been teaching at the Chimala Bible College. We spent the last two months with Howell and Mary Ferguson. We taught three days a week, worked with the students on their work, made plans on improving the school, traveled to recruit students and preached every weekend. 

We ended our time there with the graduation of the class of 2010. The young men were eagerly awaiting this big day in their lives. After teaching them World Religions, Minor Prophets, Marriage in the Home and 1 and 2 Kings and Chronicles we came to understand and appreciate their strong desire and interest in training to be preachers. 

We were able to travel with Howell Ferguson to Malawi, where most of the class was from, to interview students for next year. What a beautiful and majestic country, which will be richly blessed to have these young evangelist return to preach the gospel.

It has been a blessing to teach long term in the Chimala Bible College. Serving now as the Academic Dean of the College will enable me to teach and plan for more intense classes, and with the graduate program beginning in May, further train the next generation of preachers for East Africa. 

We are planning for all the Chimala Bible College students to work with us this summer in the villages, when the "Gospel Chariot" comes. This is a truck with speakers and equipment that travels out to the remote villages and evangelizes for weeks at a time. This training will be a part of their education.

Graduation was a thrill also because one of the oldest preachers and one of the original teachers, brother Linkos, who was converted by Andrew Connally, spoke words of wisdom and faith to the graduates. His challenge to the graduates was stirring and motivational.

Next year we will be returning in January to begin the school year and work extensively with the students and faculty of the college. We will be joined by Rebecca Benson, a Bear Valley student, who will work as school secretary and librarian. Many new books and magazines and journals will be added to the library because of many generous donations. 

I will also be working with Denton Landon in starting the graduate program which will hold 2 two week sessions next year. The experience in learning and teaching for this historic and important school in the Bear Valley Bible Institute of Denver system is rewarding.  We are looking forward to continuing the work in 2011.

God bless

Garry Hill

Posted on November 29, 2010 .