Church Growth In Northern India

This month started with the challenge to make alterations in the things. On October 31st we changed the place of worship to an auditorium. It is a costly venture but we have no other way. But on Nov. 1, I got the good news from Brother Sonu, who works in Gangoh (Saharanpur District of U.P. state), over the phone that 7 people obeyed the Lord on Sunday. It was an encouraging thing for us that the Lord gives us hope whenever we are discouraged with the things we face.

In September we started our Daily Bible verse Service that has crossed 300 contacts. Across the country through SMS, daily at 6 a.m. - 7 a.m., we send God’s word to the people. Out of this some are believers and some who have never read the Bible are given a chance to know God’s will for them.  

Students in the NIBC faced trouble most of the time because they were asked not to sing in daily morning and evening devotions. Singing is a necessary tool for their spiritual growth, but we seek God’s providence in this matter. 

Brother Subodh Gual from Balco town ship, Chhattisgarh, told that yesterday (i.e., on November 13th) 3 more souls obeyed the Lord from Mahant family and some others also were being prepared. This has counted 20 baptisms at his place in this year and a total of 80 baptized people in their congregation now worship every Lord’s Day. They are growing in number and the need of the space for gathering increases day by day. With their limited resources they are planning to buy a piece of land for worship.  

In Nanded, Maharashtra state (1900+ kilometers from here. 32 hrs journey by train), Brother S. Sheranappa arranged 2 days class for me. He spoke along with Brother Amul Bansod and Brother Barnabas from Aurangabad for a short time, but I was the main teacher there. I had few hours and thought to stop at Aurangabad and met with Brother Amul Bansod’s family. I talked with the students and staff of the Aurangabad Bible College and some of the local preachers. I should not forget to mention here that Brother Sheranappa came in contact with me through the TFT books. After getting our books he tried to contact me and during these years the relationship has grown to this level that he wanted me to preach in the meeting he arranged. He, among many, never forget to tell that these books are a great blessing for the Indian people. Never before were India people so privileged to have such study. He says that in his 40 years’ of preaching he is more impressed with the style of translation and the language used. He has made a library at his house of the TFT books and encourages people to learn the truth. 

In Nanded about 150 people heard the gospel. People appreciated the study and were glad that they were hearing this kind of teaching for the first time in their life. A good thing that came out from the meeting was that, some people asked me to come again when they have such meetings in other places. Some young people even wanted to be our students and, Lord willing, they will be enrolled for the next session.

While I was there, I received good reports over the phone of the gospel being taken to the other areas as well. Brother Ritesh James who works in Satna, MP state, told me over the phone that they have distributed 400 BC Hindi to various people and they want to invite me for a gospel meeting in Satna very soon. He also asked about 40 Hindi Bibles to be given to the people he has been in touch.

For Christ

Earnest Gill

Posted on November 29, 2010 .