8 Graduate in Arusha, Tanzania

Greetings Fellow Workers; 

We continue to give thanks to our God for your love, prayers and support of His work and His workers here in Tanzania. We are indeed a blessed people to be God’s people and to have you as our friends. Summer is here and the weather is getting hotter with little rain. 

Roger Shepherd and I shared a great Thanksgiving dinner together. We indeed missed our wives dearly, but all in all we are both thankful to share this time together in the work of our Lord. Roger taught our second year students their last class before graduating. Graduation followed this past Saturday, Nov. 27th. We are so blessed to have many highly qualified Short Course teachers come our way, adding tremendously to the quality of education in God’s Word our students are privileged to receive.  

The Tanzania 2000 mission effort is the recipients of many blessings, our association with the Bear Valley Bible Institute extension program be one. The quality of instruction they bring to this program at the Andrew Connally School of Preaching is on par with any brotherhood school, bar none! Thank you Denny, Bob and the many other teachers who have and will come our way. 

Our eight graduates, six from Kenya and two from Tanzania, leave with much knowledge of God’s Word and Will. They leave with two years of edification and encouragement to a life of service in the Lord. All eight men say they desire to preach God’s Word, do the work of an evangelist, and live lives worthy of the grace of God, the sacrifice our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We commend them for their discipline and zeal, and wish them a long and productive life of service to our God.

We would be  amiss if we neglected in offering our gratitude for the job Jimmy Gee is doing as the director of the program. Thank you brother for a job well done! Also, to Carey and George for their contributions to the school program, we say thank you! 

A special thank you to the KW Elders, all our friends and supporters, making this work possible. Our hope and our prayer for each of you, is that God will bless you all for your faithful service, sacrifice and continued efforts here in TZ. 

We close with a request for prayers on behalf of each of these men. Please pray for their fellow (first year) students, as they travel home. Please pray God blesses them with long life in His service and with much growth from the preaching of His Word! 

P.S. Stephanie’s mother, Exel, continues to improve. She had surgery last last week on her broken ankle and also had a pace maker put in. She is now in rehabilitation and if all goes to plan, she should leave the hospital in one or two weeks. We thank God and we thank you for your prayers! 

In Him, 

Cy & Stephanie

Posted on November 29, 2010 .